Yours Truly Ministry

by Christina Pace
(Round Top, Texas )

Yours Truly Ministry's mission is to walk with you and help build your faith until you believe you can be well.

We will walk along side you as you begin your journey with Jesus or should you want to strengthen your relationship with the Lord.

The battle for your relationship truly begins with your mind being renewed on a daily basis by reading and meditating on the Word of God.

Our greatest tool and ally is using the Word to change our sinful thinking which can separate us from the true love of God. With the Holy Spirit's help you can truly be strengthened and renewed in your mind, body and spirit.

Along with the Word of God incorporating a healthy diet, prayer and essential oils to help transition your mind, body & spirit to line up with the destiny and calling Jesus has for you.

To connect with us visit at

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We wish you Blessings, Health, & Abundance!

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