your health and the redemptive gifts

Our spirit is designed to heal our body. Fractals hold the key to health and healing through coaching the human spirit. Your Health and the Redemptive Gifts gives a broad new perspective on how to build strategies for our human spirit to do just that. Using a template of the redemptive gifts and coming to an understanding of how our body systems are designed, healing is approached by looking at unlocking the potential of each portion of our body according to God’s original design instead of reacting to brokenness. A foundation is laid for a fractal approach to health in this teaching.

Your Health and the Redemptive Gifts reveals the heart of a true researcher in which Arthur is uncovering many truths, opening many doors. If we choose to pursue what is in our spirit we can unearth valuable insights and in turn add to the ore of vein that has been started thru this material.

excerpt from your health and the redemptive gifts

CD 1.1 Introduction

The reason that this subject captivates me so deeply is because I have seen the power of God moving through principles and it has become addictive. We are familiar with the power of God for healing miracle but the difficulty with healing miracles is that we can’t necessarily do them on demand. Even if you have this great miracle working guru, he’s not necessarily in your town when you need him all the time and most individuals that work in signs and wonders don’t bring healing to everybody the first time.

So we need a backup plan. We need a different approach and that is the power of principles, the power of the resources that all of us have and being able to weave principles together to get a desired result to get a transformation in our spirit and from our spirit to change our soul and our body.

We began to see the power of principles when working with the human spirit as we worked with babies in the womb. This was twenty years ago that drew me into that study rather unexpectedly and since then there have been thousands of babies receiving ministry to their spirit and as a result to ministering to their spirit we see changes not just in their soul but in our bodies.

One of our great testimony’s was of a child who had a hole in his heart. There were very specific medical tests that were done, this was documented. This child was not able to live out of the womb and were planning immediate intrusive surgery as soon as the baby was born. The mother said, ‘I don’t think so’ and she and her husband began to talk to the spirit of the child in the womb and encourage with a particular methodology the child’s spirit to partner with the spirit of God and to activate the growing of tissue to fill in that hole and the spirit did. One week after a deadly hole in the heart was documented the same doctors went back and tested and retested and double checked and said the heart is perfectly formed.

So we began to see those kinds of biological miracles in the womb as we spoke to the child’s spirit telling it to partner with the spirit of God to activate this that and the other. And we were a long time bringing that forward to the adult level, not sure why but we were. The first area that we saw on the adult level was the whole area of aging…

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