Yesterday's treasure vs today's treasure

by Joan Westaway
(Brisbane QLD Australia)


Ouch! This pinged me so hard!

There had been a treasure a few yesterdays ago, so glorious, amazing and fruitful, lasting about ten years, that had ended a while back, and I'd been waiting for it to spring back to life. It had been all His timing, an early Mercy season ministry, without the language for it. Somehow I'd found a transmission that was mine... and surely, now it is time to step back into it, and get revving again?

But NO!

I have chosen to release my hand-grip on this treasured treasure, not because it in any way diminished, but so my creative Creator may have an open playing field in my life for today's flavour! Fresh manna!

As I write this, there is almost a fresh fragrance coming from His kitchen as I have released this beautiful 'old' treasure, at last!

Be fun to see what bespoke dish Father has designed, according to my unique design, and the appetiser and dessert that goes with it, to make it sing in His key... all for His glory!

Thank you dear Lois for your faithfulness in bringing this study to the table... such nourishing fare!

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