by Mark Tetzlaff
(Albion, WA 99102)

Every single human being is a treasure created by God. Imagine if every one of us understood the magnitude of who we are and the treasure God has given us. Then imagine if we lived our lives to the full extent of who God made us and what He gave us for His kingdom. God's ancient enemy does everything he can to prevent this from happening. Eve ate the fruit when she believed the lie that who God had made her and what God had given her wasn't good enough.

Not only did God create us "right" and not only did He give us everything we need, He also put each of us at the right time in human history. There is also significance in the geographical location He chose for us.

The vision of Destiny Access Coaching is to partner with God in helping people breakthrough the spiritual structures, the strongholds, the lies and every other barrier that blocks them from understanding who they are and walking into the fullness of their destiny.

My name is Mark Tetzlaff. The above vision was born out of my life experience. I personally have a strong desire to walk in my destiny, to fulfill the purposes for which God put me on this earth, and yet have experienced many barriers to that goal. As God has brought me freedom and breakthrough, it has been my desire to do share what I have learned and partner with God to help others who are traveling the same journey.

Two of the biggest influences in my personal journey were the teachings of Arthur Burk and the teachings and ministry of Elijah House, the organization originally founded by John and Paula Sandford. Understanding my redemptive gift helped me greatly in understanding myself and giving focus to how I pursued my destiny. God is a very very good God and I appreciate those who God used in my life, who ministered to me with His heart.

I live with my wife and three daughters in a small town in Washington State, but seek to have an impact for the King around the world with my life coaching.

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Dec 13, 2017
a good recommendation
by: lois

it always moves me deeply when i am able to synchronize with someone else. i have enough experience under my belt to know what i DON'T want but what is it that I do?

well, today i experienced a session with Mark and i walked away thinking how is it that there is so much joy under all this pain?

suffice to say, God showed up and i am grinning from ear to ear.

Mark just makes things very easy and relies heavily on God, more so than on his tool kit which is pretty impressive in itself.

do check out his website. it is the most user friendly as far as booking a session internationally and his rates are easily affordable.

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