wrapping up the guessing game ~

who is who, deep in the hundred acre wood?

Prophet- He is a deep thinker. He is greatly loved by his friends despite a melancholy nature which he may be inclined to have brought upon himself. although he appears dark, there seems to be alot of truth, profound and insightful thoughts he brings to the table. He also seems to be the quickest to assess a situation, and usually we see him pronounce judgment on it. or to see himself as victim.

Servant: He is perfectly safe for Pooh Bear. He never gets annoyed with anyone, and he is able to see the best and believe the best about all his friends in the Hundred Acre Woods. He is devoted and loyal, a reliable and patient friend. Never criticizes, is completely trustworthy, and seems to have no personal agenda of his own.

Teacher: He is the character with the most knowledge, the "go to" character for information. Even if he doesn't have the most accurate answers, all of the other characters assume he does. And because he knows more than they do, he is revered as the "all wise one." He loves details and always starts at the beginning of time to explain anything.

Exhorter: Always enthusiastic, always looking for a party. He is one dimensional. He is the happy side of an exhorter, and he hardly labors for shifting paradigms or changing the Hundred Acre Woods, but we have to admit he is a force to be reckoned with. When he comes into the forest, it is in an uproar.

Giver: He is rich. He has a house and plenty of food. He doesn't run out of honey, but is well equipped to stand a famine, or a Pooh Bear visit. He is the most practical, the most helpful, the most dependable who is often called upon on to make things happen or help the others out of scrapes. He knows many things and is never really surprised by new knowledge. He acts as though he was expecting it. That is classic giver, to act as though they are never surprised. He hates being taken advantage of and he has a tendency toward expecting the worst. He is busy, busy, busy.

Ruler: Who rules over the hundred acres woods. He is summoned when there is a dilemma and he comes to solve it. All of the kingdom owes its allegiance to him, and they are willing for him to be the one in charge.

Mercy: Who navigates with his heart and his senses. He is simple in his tastes and we love him because he doesn't strive to be something else. He is transparent and vulnerable, a very precious mercy, who loves everyone. He doesn't seem to take offense, because maybe he doesn't see it. We sigh and wish we could be like him with his deep satisfaction about life and his philosophical acceptance of his own shortcomings and his high regard for his friends. He aligns the hundred acre woods with his presence. He is Christopher Robin's favorite. He is the one whom Christopher communicates the deepest things with, like when he is about to go off to school. He is one of the best loved characters in all of literature because he shares his generous heart with all of us.

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Sep 26, 2016
by: lois

that's too funny, Eeyore. i mean, Linda. glad you figured it out. i bet you shine as a prophet too.

: )

Sep 26, 2016
100 acre woods
by: Linda

HA! This really helped me a lot - I'm definitely Eeyore (prophet) no doubt about it...

Sep 20, 2016
future plans
by: lois

there has been a few people interested in studying Life After Church, the newest album out. I have yet to stock these beauties. I am still waiting for them to arrive. Will keep you posted, Sharon.

Do you have a particular interest? Enjoyed having you on board.

: )

Sep 20, 2016
by: Sharon

Hey was never into hundred acre woods. But I do know some of the characters by name and some of their ways. Interesting, really interesting.

Thanks lois. I love looking at life from different ways.

and theses studies have been a joy to do.

Any future plans for anything else in the future?

Sep 17, 2016
by: lois

i had a lot of fun applying the gifts to our friends in the hundred acre woods. glad you did too!

Sep 17, 2016
And my final answer is...
by: Denise

Prophet: Eeyore
Servant: Piglet
Teacher: Owl
Exhorter: Tigger
Giver: Rabbit
Ruler: Christopher Robin
Mercy: Pooh

The hints helped greatly. Thanks!

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