by Joan Westaway

When he made the heavens, I was there.

When he made the heavens, I was there.

I am Wisdom
Older than Creation
I was here
Before any nation

He chose me, made me, possessed me
From the beginning
Before the birth of light and time
Before the everlasting
Before the crafting of the deepest depths
I was here

When He made the heavens I was here
I saw Him make space in the skies for the air
Before springs of water could come
Before even the dirt and dust were done
I, Wisdom was here

Before the mountains were here, placed in place
Before the hills were patted in shape
I beheld the joy on His glorious face
Heard the watery roar
As He poured out the seas
And the springs and the rivers
And their boundaries
I was here

Always beside Him
The core of His heart
He chose me to be His daily delight
Rejoicing with Him
Building with Him
Through the eternity of day and of night
Sharing our delight in the sons of men
Again and again
And again

I, Wisdom - still here with Him

Proverbs 8:22-31
Joan Westaway © 12 January 2019

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We all know it- “In the beginning God… ”
And as I was revisiting Proverbs, there was Wisdom! She kept popping up! Everywhere!
There she was, right in the middle of Chapter 8, her beginnings, her incarnation, as it were…
*Wisdom is older than Creation!
*Wisdom participated in Creation!
*Wisdom had her sleeves rolled up during Creation!
Hadn’t we presumed God Created, and then inserted Lady Wisdom so that we may forever know her in all generations? For our eternal benefit!
But, dear friends, there it is for all to marvel at… In black and white!
Wisdom was there with God before he dived into that dark formless void!
Something to ponder!

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Jan 18, 2019
by: Gayle Miller

Joan, I have been doing a study on Wisdom. There is scripture that says Wisdom is your sister and understanding your your next of kin. She is our sister, I have asked to get to know her better. I invite her to go with me every day. Some people have seen her. I am delighted that I have a new sister.

Proverbs 7:4

Jan 18, 2019
Wisdom - a pearl beyond price
by: Rosemary Williamson

Joan, I love your writings about Wisdom. King Solomon asked for wisdom above anything else and God gave it to him, and yet he was still unwise in his choices, such a conundrum! I daily ask for wisdom but also to be wise in knowledge and understanding.

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