Why do you think this historical overview is important to us?

by lois

one of the hardest things is moving from God's order to God's new order.

this embodies the importance of 'following the trail'. often times we feel stuck, and trapped. sometimes it is just a matter of moving on. my journey of multitudes of trying and failing to 'fit in' to the institutional church is such an example.

i wanted it to work. what else was there? when I did not have 'permission' and it was not 'cool' to be outside the walls of the church, I left. and after some years down the track I began to find some language to what was happening (thank God for Arthur). i would like to say peace flooded me like a river. it did not. it is still lonely and uncomfortable (yes, Jane) but i am anchored.

i appreciate this opening to LAC. it gave me a stability knowing God is the master chess player, moving strategic pieces at will. we may sense a loss from all we have loved familiar, but he is not lost and my anchor is in him.

the unfolding of church history is a beautiful thing. we need to view ourselves on a continuum of those who came before us. we are included in this great cloud of witnesses(i was always taken by those who lived in caves)it is time for us to shine.

and I quote"

'The point of this massive restructuring is to advance God's kingdom. Life After Church is about where God is going, so that we can run with Him. It is time to move past the grief to excitement.'

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Nov 27, 2016
by: Sharon

I know someone who after they heard this first cd about the history of the church actually brought healing to them.

for me I find it really interesting.

And so encouraged that it is God who is leading us on, and not just my feelings

And a bit scared mixed with excitement

Nov 18, 2016
History is good
by: Helen

Well said. I agree about the power of putting language to something. That alone has helped me heaps. The overview was fascinating as I thought to myself, how come I didn't know any of that (having lived thru a portion of that era).

Glad for this group. Finding it encouraging. Thank you, Lois!

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