by Michael S. Tyrrell

because 'sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.'

because 'sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.'

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Wholetones has literally been “hitting the airwaves” with healing musical tones hidden deep in ancient frequencies. Since renowned musician, author, and speaker Michael S. Tyrrell began sharing these stunning discoveries, and the beautiful songs of the Healing Frequency Music Project, with the world, thousands of people all over the world have watched anxiety disappear, enjoyed deeper, more restorative sleep, and found pain from chronic conditions soothed. Now you can experience Wholetones for yourself, with the ever-growing collection of CD’s, digital audio, DVD’s, BluRay disks, and the book Wholetones: The Sound of Healing.

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Wholetones Christmas, Volume 1 contains some of the most celebrated Christmas songs in the world. Best of all, these inspired versions were created with the healing frequencies of Wholetones. Let them help you dissolve your stress and spark joy in your heart…no matter what season!

Announcing the safe, simple, inexpensive solution to end anxiety, stress, sleep disorders...even pain—right from your television set!

This nearly 3-Hour DVD & Blu-Ray Combo Breakthrough In Chromotherapy From Renowned Musician Michael S. Tyrrell features the same 7 songs originally introduced in Wholetones: The Healing Frequency Music Project. Each song is 22 minutes and 22 seconds of healing frequencies set to beautifully crafted music. Approved For Home Use By Jordan Rubin, N.M.D., PhD

Wholetones Album + Book

Brand NEW Music Therapy Collection by Michael S. Tyrrell. Word of Wholetones: The Healing Frequency Music Project is spreading around the world like wildfire. People cannot get enough of (or say enough about) the 7 beautifully produced songs recorded in ancient, healing frequencies. Testimonials are pouring in from people reporting more restful sleep, reduced stress, and improved mood. The companion book, Wholetones: The Sound of Healing, tells the complete story of how these frequencies were found and why they work to bring you peace—even in our chaotic world. The Sound of Healing is your insightful guide to the power of this miraculous music therapy product. Included with purchase of the full CD set.

Wholetones Album + "The Sound of Healing" Book Delivered To Your Door & Instant Download & Online Access – All Covered By 365-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Comments for Wholetones

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Dec 02, 2015
thank you!
by: Cindy Langdo Gibson‎

All the docs hanging around the desk so they smell the Christmas Spirit, essential oils and hear Wholetones... I can't count the numbers of people who have remarked on the atmosphere in here today!!

Dec 02, 2015
my testimony
by: Tammy Paynter · Mesa, Arizona

This music is wonderful, relaxing , and beautiful to listen to all the notes is a spiritual journey. I love that it is based on the key of David from the bible.

Dec 02, 2015
my story
by: Ann Fabela

"Received my downloads and have been playing them in my house for 2 days - 24/7..on shuffle/repeat.....I am usually an insomniac with back pain and have recently had some excessive stress......I fell right into a deep sleep, slept through the night for the first time in 3 years, woke up refreshed, without a foggy brain and had a very productive day. No back pain, no stress, TOTAL PEACE AND CLEAR-HEADED!! I am so looking forward to getting into my bed tonight without tossing and turning....Thank you Wholetones!! "

Dec 02, 2015
by: lois

Just an ordinary day really on the way to the beach, sitting in the passenger's seat with the Sunday paper in my lap.

I know better than to read in the car. I get instantly car sick and it ruins the day for hours afterwards. We were at a light and the headlines caught my eye and I began reading aloud. The thing is I kept reading on green and all the way to the beach. And well, nothing happened or better yet something happened because I was not in the least bit car sick that day and ever since!

What was THAT all about? I have no idea except to say I have been and had on that day been playing wholetones in the car as I drove around.

I find this remarkable and am a firm believer that'sometimes the truth IS stranger than fiction.'

Nov 30, 2015
my testimony
by: James M.

"Takes me to a place of JOY"

It takes me to a place of joy, sometimes, even of a "joy BEYOND Joy". Especially #7 followed by #6 (during the day I listen to 6, then 7) which helps me to a MUCH more restful sleep!

Sat, Aug 8, 2015

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