who is 'the giver' in the 100 acre wood?

by lois

the Giver

by the standards of 'The Hundred Acre Woods', this character is rich. he has a house and plenty of food. He never runs out of honey unlike Pooh, but rather he is well equipped to stand a famine, or perhaps a Pooh Bear visit.

he is the most practical, and able to do the hard thing to restore order. most helpful, most dependable, most down to earth, and the one who most wishes to control the behavior of the others who torment him with their excesses and failures.

he is the most dependable one, often called upon on to either make things happen or help the others out of a bad situation.

givers are not known particularly for their mercy, but for their practical and realistic views.

he makes rules for the forest, to buy himself peace and quiet so that he can be about his own business.

for the greater good, he usually tries to outwit or sometimes bully the others into a concensus.

he has perservance, yet sometimes short on compassion. he gets exasperated when the others don't see what is obvious to him.

he looks ahead, perhaps with a bit of pessimism, and he brings order through control.
he can be direct and aggressive, a bit impatient and often second guesses himself.

he is a bit impatient, but never afraid to question others. he holds others accountable.

your guess?

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Aug 31, 2016
by: Sharon

I have never been a winnie the poo reader....

But my youngest daughter tells me today that she really enjoy winnie the poo. So am staying tune to find out who is who, so I can start RG talking to her:)

Aug 30, 2016
by: Denise

Not Pooh... 😄

Aug 30, 2016
giver clues
by: lois

it is a bit tricky trying to paint a picture of these characters, i agree.

now if rabbit is giver than who is ruler?

stay tuned next week for some more clues!

Aug 29, 2016
Here goes ...
by: Denise

so, considering most of my first guesses were wrong, here goes another try... after reading this description, it actually describes how I see rabbit - but I thought he was a bossy ruler instead of giver... hummm ... Interesting way to see giver. I'll have to chew on this a bit but don't see any others matching this description as well as rabbit.

Well, giver is diverse and flexible so I imagine there is a wide range of flavors of givers.

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