What I have learnt from my teacher husband:)

by Sharon

Not sure if my husband RG gifting is teacher or if it comes from his woundedness. Or the fact that his dad was an amazing teacher who he greatly looked up to and learnt from. Or possible the legalistic religious backgrounds we both came from as children and even walked in, in our married life.

But with saying all that, we have been blessed to be in churches who loved the word of God and taught from it. Giving us great insight to God's ways including His word and walking in it actually.

I personally find it hard at times to say correctly what I am meaning and my husband would pick me up, correcting me. I used to get upset about this but then one day, I heard God say to me........"Listen to what he is saying"...........
So this stopped me in my near enough is good enough attitude of my speaking and changelled me to present things more correctly and not relying on people to hopefully just understand me and hear my heart, as I would put it.

I am now so thankful for my teacher husband for this......:)

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Aug 20, 2016
by: cvandz

Sweet ;) Yeah, I've got a teacher mom, and I can definitely see how that has affected me in the way I present what I'm saying ;)

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