what happens when each of the gifts visits a friend in the hospital?

When a prophet visits someone in the hospital, it looks like this. They will come to the person’s bed and with compassion yet a certain sternness, proceed to quote scriptures of truth regarding healing. “You should not be here. This is not right!” They might ask, “Is there something you did, a blind spot, that might have allowed this to happen?”

When the servant gifted person enters the hospital room, they immediately start to fluff the pillows, tidy things up a bit, and ask, “Is there anything that I can do for you?” Their intent is to assist in this critical time of need. They will take a piece of paper out; ask for things that they can do at the ailing person’s home for them. They thrive on the fact there is clear need.

When the teacher-natured person visits the ill person in the hospital, they walk up to the bed and begin to ask questions like: “What did the doctor say was wrong? Did you get a second opinion on the diagnosis?” What they desire is information, so that they can add their assessment. They love good conversation, and find it all fascinating.

When the exhorter visits the hospital patient, they begin by telling stories that might cheer the person up. Everything that the patient says, reminds the exhorter of another story, and both laugh the time away. The exhorter will come equipped with scripture and often messages from other people. He has tendency to insist that the person feels better right away, not wants this problem to persist.

When the giver visits the infirmed in the hospital, they always come bearing a gift to encourage. It is usually something thoughtful, showing time has gone into its planning, presentation and timing of delivery. They desire for the patient to be reminded in a tangible way that they are loved.

When the ruler visits the hospital, they take out a pad of paper and proceed to inquire of what may need done at the patient’s home and family life. They will say, “I will get some people to take over your responsibilities while you are here in the hospital.” They will check on the insurance of the patient, the doctor’s advice, and how all the pieces must fit together in the next weeks of the person’s life. By the time the ruler leaves, there is a clear plan for the next season of the patient’s life.

When the mercy walks into the hospital, they begin to softly weep with compassion, seeing their loved one in such a state. They will come close and comfort them, wiping their forehead and speaking soft words of sympathy. They will stay endless hours to keep the patient company, supporting in any way possible.

this is one take on each of the gifts in process.(to be fair, i would think and hope the prophet would do better than that)

does any of these scenarios resonate with you?

how can we do prophet better?

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Sep 11, 2016
diverse responses
by: lois

what strikes me the most is the synergy that flows from each of the gifts and how each one is needed, and how well they compliment one another.

i would appreciate the different expressions of each person visiting me rather than any one in particular.

too much mercy would put me off where none at all would be awful.

a gift? how cool.

someone's now looking after the house. what relief.

a word from the Lord? i receive it.

someone taking the time to fluff up my pillow and refill the ice bucket? what kindness.

a 'few' funny stories from the home front to distract me from pain.

some pointed questions about the process of healing..

you get my drift.

ahhhh diversity.

thank you for posting.

: )

Sep 11, 2016
Good to think of it
by: Anonymous

This is a fabulous way of thinking about all the gifts. I'm exhorter . i don't quite know what I'd do, but I feel the tension inside me to make the person feel better, so say something that would encourage them.


Sep 10, 2016
What gift visited you?
by: Denise

Ok, so segments of some of them I have done.... But not a whole statement...

Prophet- (that's kind of harsh ... I'd pray with them and speak God's word over them - not give them the third degree- I don't see bedside as the right time or place)

Servant- assist in this critical time of need. (I don't mind meeting practical needs... But I'm not into cleaning, but still, I'd do it if there wasn't someone else to fill the critical need)

Teacher- (Depending on the closeness of the relationship, I'll ask questions - I think mostly to make sure they are actually ok and covered in their care)

Exhorter- telling stories that might cheer the person up. ... laugh the time away (which is bad when laughing hurts. I can tell stories, it runs in my family ... and funny is fun.)

Giver- come bearing a gift to encourage, (meeting practical needs, occasional I'll give fluffy stuff but not often)

Ruler- (I don't try to take over but will organize people/resources/cover needs that are lacking, especially at a family members request, it's a stressful time So I would avoid stepping on toes)

Mercy- They will stay endless hours to keep the patient company, supporting in any way possible.
(I have done that- I don't have kids so I have the time, plus I've had people do it for me and it was greatly appreciated ... The weeping part isn't going to happen, I'm more apt to be protective than mushy)

Still gathering data in the "and the winner is?" quest for who I am. 😊

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