Weekend Prayer

I thank you, Lord, that although we feel stuck and breakthrough seems a long way off, you have planned ahead. When there are no more words left and platitudes all but sink an already sinking ship, we look to our long-standing history with you. The truth is you have come through for me before. And if there is a before then certainly there will be a return for the one day in the future. In the meantime, we present ourselves to you to imprint upon our adrenals your passion for redemption, my redemption. Imprint upon our adrenals the majesty of redemption's plan in such a way that past trauma bonds lose their grip, mistakes and injury get placed in your hands. Our hearts get held and warmed by the breath of our first love.

We choose to emotionally engage with our adrenals with an anticipation and expectation that somehow and in someway this current crisis (trauma, trial) will indeed move us forward toward the redemption of all things. Show us what that looks like. Peel back the veil that keeps us from seeing what you see. Open the eyes of our heart to see Jesus at work in our lives now in this present moment of painfilled days. Bring a measure of joy in your presence to keep us from falling back into the old ways of thinking.

We bless all that you are doing in our adrenals and kidneys. Amen.

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