warring for generations

Father, our community extends far beyond the people who know us today. Our community goes all the way back to Adam and Eve. We did not understand the full measure in which evil of various sorts is passed on from generation to generation, we simply know that it happens, and it happens on a traumatic level. I ask now on behalf of everybody in my tribe that you would open the books in their generational lines from the beginning of time down to the present.

Father, the four different lines, the blood line in every single branch of the family from Adam and Eve down to the present. The marriage lines as each blood line was added to and tied into other lines, every adoptive line and every other covenantal line be it a national governmental covenant, be it a religious covenant or business covenant, social, every way in which the generations are knit together.

Father, I ask that you would follow those trails. I invoke the fact that every single spiritual heritage, roads a two-way street. If there is some kind of legal passageway for the evil from the past to come down to the present, if the enemy can leverage some sort of legal justification to move this way or that way through this line or that covenant, that same legal pathway that allows him to get to us is the same legal pathway that allows the blood of Christ to get back to him.

And so with history open before you, with billions upon billions of convoluted relatives and family trees that we have in all of these different branches, I come to you and, I ask that the blood of Christ would be applied as a filter in these family lines, anything and everything that contributes to a spirit of premature death, I ask to be brought under the authority and dominion of Jesus the Christ who did not die a premature death. Who lived out every single day that was ordained to him who died exactly on the day and on the hour you predetermined before the foundation of the world.

From  that authority, from a man who lived a short life but lived a full life, a righteous life, a life that was perfectly in alignment with your will and desire, and in spite of corruption in his generational line but based on his authority, I ask that you would blot out the access points for the spirit of premature death on our generations.

In every branch and in every family line, all four of those mentioned, do a search and destroy mission for every single legal cause that the enemy has to bring despondency, futility, hopeless despair, fear, to bring the spirit of suicide in the lives of my tribe. Blot it out.

Father, the majesty of Christianity is that this is the only religion that allows us to embrace all the good in our past and to distance ourselves from the evil. This is our treasure. This is our heritage. This is what you offer to us. That we can look at our generational lines and know that we are here because there is good in the family lines.

There is untold millions of family lines that become extinct because the burden of their iniquity is so great that you have wiped them out, ceased to allow them to replicate themselves, to defile the world with the corruption in them. They have crashed and burned under the weight of the iniquity that they have accrued. 

And we have virtue in our line. If we are alive, if we are fighting the spirit of premature death, it is because there is good, there is blessing, there is virtue. So on the one hand we repudiate all the evil in our family line, on the other hand, we ask you to filter the blood of Christ on all the good. Release to us the treasures, the generational blessings that are legally, righteously ours to spur us on in our journey of healing and redemption.

However, Father, may the generational memories, curses and generational covenants be destroyed by the power of the death and the resurrection of Jesus the Christ, setting free for my tribe, to be able to pursue healing in their generation and healing from their generations without the ball and chain ofthe past holding them down and blocking them in their journey toward redemption.

I come as one who has tasted the bitterness of the generational line, tasted the freedom that comes when those things are placed under the blood of Christ and tasted  the magnificence of the generational blessings pursuing me far higher than anything I deserve, far higher than the effort I put in.

I am a living witness to the power of the blood of Christ to filter the generations, releasing to us all the treasures and obliterating untold iniquity between Adam and myself. As one who walks by sight now not by faith, who’s tasted and seen, an eye witness of the power and redemption of the generations, I plead this for my tribe, let not one be exempt from the cleansing of the generations and the release of the treasures  into their journey.

I ask in Jesus's name

Warring for Generations from Fighting Futility.

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