walking in sonship

Walking in Sonship is packed with hands on illustrations of the basic principles of sonship. It walks you through the seven levels of parenting showing the consequences for each area where parenting in that area was inadequate. There is much study given to exploring areas of trauma. Walking in Sonship looks at areas where adequate parenting is absent. Help is given to identify the deficits in your nurture and for you to recognise what God is already doing to help reparent you as you walk in the spirit of sonship.

There are five teachings given to accelerate your transition;

in Session one, becoming a son, seven faucets of fathering are explored, each seven faucets parallels a redemptive gift.

Session two- territorial warfare for sons explains the difference of warring as a slave and warring as a son.

Session three- intercession for sons requires knowing the heart and mind of the Father.

Session four- developing sonship in your children is packed with tools to stimulate the growth of their spirit, since sonship is a function of the spirit and not the soul.

Session five- husbands who walk in sonship shares a foundational discipline marking the difference between son and slave. Growth in this one particular area is the key to transformational growth.

excerpt from walking in sonship

CD1.01 Warring as a Son

I am excited about this conference on spiritual warfare for sons. It’s a very significant issue to approach warfare as a son. We first began to look at the area of slavery and sonship in the context of Israel and their war. A couple of years ago God dropped in my spirit that Israel came out of Egypt free yet even though they were free from slavery they still had a spirit of slavery and therefore when they tried to possess the land they couldn’t because slaves don’t have an inheritance only sons have an inheritance so they had to go back into the desert, spend forty years growing a generation of sons because sons war very very differently than slaves war.

In the last twenty years in America there has been immense teaching on spiritual warfare on every level. We have had a lot of parades about spiritual warfare, we’ve had some battles, but we really had very few victories compared to the teaching that we’ve had. And I believe the root issue is with us. The problem isn’t with God nor is the devil any bigger today then he was a hundred years ago or a thousand years ago. The variable is the people. And we who walk with the vestiges of a spirit of slavery can take the very best strategies that work for someone else and they aren’t going to work for us.

We have to change in our spirit to walk as sons before we are going to be effective in releasing God’s power. There’s been all too much emphasis on faith. We have victory because this person has faith and we don’t have victory because this one has a lack of faith. I think the faith issue has been overblown. It is much more an issue of sonship that releases the power of God rather than faith. Faith comes out of a posture of sonship.

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