Everyone wants gold, but wisdom’s worth is far greater. Silver is sought after, but a heart of understanding yields a greater return. Proverbs 16:16

In this verse, we see the pitting of the culture of God with the culture of heaven. Man has a foundational fear of poverty, of lacking the means to get gold and silver to sustain life for himself and his family. So gold and silver has been the currency of choice, the hedge against the fear of devouring unleashed in the Garden of Eden.

God is not denying the existence of poverty or the role of gold or silver. He is pointing out that the internal treasure is of greater value than the external. When there is wisdom in your left adrenal and kidney so they can frame every problem around the fear of the Lord and the grandeur of the covenant of God. Where there is understanding, the ability of the right adrenal and kidney to problem solve in an extraordinary way, taking the available data and finding a way forward. THAT is vastly a greater treasure than to have gold and silver.

God has clearly stated absolute truths. Wisdom and understanding in your spirit, soul and body far surpasses the person who has wealth. Our choice now is to come into agreement wiht God's absolute statements, to embrace them or deny them by spending more resources externally than internally.

At the end of the day, when we know covenant and invest time, money and concentration in specific pursuits that wisdom avails, and understanding covenant, walking in covenant, to see the God of covenant, recognising the purposes of covenant, we will be far better off than if we had a bag of gold and silver.

prayer for value

I bless you adrenals and kidneys with being able to convert spiritual truths into functional truths. I bless you with leaving the whole cognitive process and profoundly synchronising with the ways of God and not the ways of man. Rise above the generational fears that pursue man overtly embracing with awe by faith the frame of God, the methods of God for solving life's problems.

I bless you with having that as your core value system as the world bombards you with alternative expressions of value, begs for your time, money and concentration.

I bless you with making wise choices to get the greater treasure which is for you to be anchored in wisdom and understanding. 

I bless you with passion in the name of Jesus the Christ of Nazareth.

questions to explore

Having listened to this track on Value, what are your thoughts and emotions that bubble up? How do you relate to what is being described?

In what area of your life do you see a clear synching with God and NOT man? What area may need some work? 

Do you have something to share about this topic?

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