unleash the power of your story 

Welcome to sapphire connection online study group. If you are new here, let me fill you in with some informative details.

The purpose of this group is for study and application of the book UNLEASH THE POWER OF YOUR STORY, by Megan Caldecourt.

Megan is a household name with the SLG tribe and has unpacked many of her treasures sharing them with us through her cd’s and now her first book which I have read through twice already.

To visit her and purchase the book go to Beyond The Horizon.

All our study groups foster interaction, support and encouragement.  I will post an overview of each chapter of this book, with a few prompts and questions to explore.  What matters to you in the material is always more important than what I come up with to discuss, so be open to let us know what landed for you.

The first and subsequent chapters will be a link on this page under 'study notes'. 

You can jump in and introduce yourself here and post any questions you might have. 

Some answers to your previous questions:

  • there is no place to actually sign up
  • it is not time zone sensitive
  • there is no cost (donations always appreciated)
  • this IS interactive
  • you can show up in your pajamas as there is no webcam

Finally, do pray with me, blessing each other with eyes to see what we haven’t already. There are some great tools in this book with real take away value. May we find the grace to proceed down the path of healing with the expectation of meeting you there. May we embrace the journey of unpacking with much celebration and the release of joy along the way.

 about the book 

We are all on a journey. What makes mine different than yours is my actual story. There may be many similarities between us but our journey’s are uniquely ours. How I interact with the whole of my story matters, a lot. As I read this book there were many similarities to how Megan was feeling, like whole pages of my life were missing and even chapters. I wasn’t aware how important it was to retrieve those portions of my journey, the good the bad and the ugly.

Many versus from the word in my growing up years were quoted me as to forgetting the past and being a new creation. The old is gone (that's what you think) and you know the rest. That was never really helpful, actually quite damaging. 

Give this book the wide berth it is worthy of. Buckle your seat belt and let's begin. 

 study notes 

disconnected - chapter 1

a beginning - chapter 2

stories - chapter 3

connections - chapter 4

relationships and seasons - chapter 5

reality - chapter 6

flavors of pain - chapter 7

your birth marker - chapter 8

reconnecting - chapter 9

four strands of time - chapter 10

extending reality - chapter 11

living in the present - chapter 12

anchoring the high points - chapter 13

for the kingdom - chapter 14

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