Understanding Essence

by Niell
(South Africa)

I have noticed that people often struggle to determine the Redemptive Gift ,as referred to in Romans 12, of themselves and others.
There are many reasons for that, and one of those is the fact that it seems that few people clearly understand the concept of "essence". We very often easily identify behaviour and so on, but don't always consider why someone acts the way he does.
If one understands "essence" it becomes easier.

During a conversation about Redemptive Gifts with Arthur Burk he once noted: "So often after all of the smoke clears, it is a single statement the person makes about essence that nails it."

I like watching movies based on true stroies with my family and we recently started a little discussion group where we watch one of these movies and discuss the Gifts of certain characters thereafter.

Below is an example. It comes from "Chasing Mavericks". Here is the where Frosty the mentor, reads a letter written to him by Jay, the surfer.

“Dear Frosty,

The truth is that I am afraid. I’m afraid I’ll never see my dad again and that my mom will never find happiness. I’m afraid of losing Kim, as she’s the love of my life. And of course, I’m afraid of losing you. I’m not sure what you think fathers are supposed to be. But I know what they should be. I finally read my dad’s letter, which was like my last essay to you, just a bunch of words on a page.

I know this sounds strange, but I’ve always felt I wouldn’t be around very long.
Which is why I wanna take that drop.
Because once I look down over the edge and I catch it, I’ll become a part of it. And in that moment, I’ll know that I’m alive!”

Regardless of any attitudes, bahaviors, skills or anything else that last statement nails Jay's Gift for me.

That statement is clearly in the Mercy key of music.

We watched "The Remains of the Day" this past weekend.

I shall place something about it a bit later today.

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