Triple Heart Ministries

by Julie Edwards
(Melbourne, Victoria)

Christian prayer ministry, teaching, training and healing.

Christian prayer ministry, teaching, training and healing.

Hello everyone,

My name is Julie.I started listening to Arthur Burk Cds a few years ago. They have had the most profound influence in my life. I have begun sharing the Cd's and the book "Blessing Your Spirit" with everyone I know.

My sister runs a ministry called "Triple Heart Ministries" which offers teaching and healing through prayer ministry. I am involved in this ministry as well.

On Saturday 19th March, 2016, we are running a seminar called "Lets start at the very beginning". It will involve looking at conception and the 9 months in utero. Blessing our human spirit will be a part of it.

If you're free, and you live in Melbourne, I'd encourage you to attend.

Have a look at the "Triple Heart Ministries" web page for more details.

Also have a look at the Triple Heart Facebook page and the Julie Edwards Facebook page.

The day is bathed in prayer, love, warmth and fun. It is interactive yet very unthreatening.

From Julie Edwards

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Mar 29, 2016
Let's start at the very beginning
by: Anonymous

We had a wonderful day on March 19 at our seminar "Let's start at the very beginning". Arthur often talks about ministering to babies in the womb. I ran a session on 'Conception".

I wanted the participants to go back to their own conception with Jesus and bring healing to this time in their life. Using play dough, each participant made a sperm, egg and human spirit. I prayed over each one - washing, cleansing and blessing them. Then we joined them together and breathed God's life into this new baby embryo.
We prayed Arthur Burk's prayer about Identity and Legitimacy over this embryo.

In the afternoon, the team prayed through each of the 40 weeks in a pregnancy. We mentioned what was developing during this time and asked the participants if they would like prayer for a specific part of their development.

It was an amazing time. God brought about so much healing. Some people said they felt like they had been "born again"!

Mar 13, 2016
by: Rosemary

Sounds great Julie! We are a long way north in Toowoomba but I will let friends in Melbourne know.

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