trauma bonds to time

What makes trauma bonds 'sticky'? Two people experience the same trauma. Years later only one person is not plagued by what happened. The other is still struggling with what happened. Why?

Have you or someone you know been through a massive amount of personal ministry for a known trauma, but still see no movement? These questions and more will be answered through this tool which is well worth exploring.

The theology was developed for what makes a trauma sticky in the realm of time with diagnostic tools added to determine whether your bundle of pain is a trauma bond to time or indeed something else.

This teaching gives tools to diagnose trauma and bring resolution. What follows is a live demonstration beginning with a description of the current pain, some diagnostic questions to take back to the root, and then the personal ministry to release the bond. 

There are many people who have been set free by this teaching as they now have language to things that made no sense in their lives previously. It will not only help you find release from old traumas but it will also allow you to proactively change some things at the core of your spirit so that future traumas are no longer sticky.

This is a hands on instruction kit for deliverance from the effects of "deciding to decide" or judging the righteousness of God. (spoiler)

excerpt from trauma bonds to time

CD 1.1 Made Holy

Our jumping off place is a word that has so much stigma attached to it and that is holy. As we began to look at the issue of holiness we realized there is a sequence on how god builds our holiness. The very first usage of the word holy in scripture is in Genesis where God sanctified time. The first thing God made holy is time that seventh day. The second thing he made holy is land. The third thing he made holy is people the fourth thing he made holy is what I call stuff, and the fifth thing he made holy was the office of priest and high priest. Our basic approach in deliverance is to deal with the person and yet the person is number three in the sequence and if the person has sticky attachments to defiled time or land it is very hard to clean them up. If we would begin our deliverance by looking at trauma bonds to time and attachments to land, dealing with the individual will be a whole lot easier.

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