tools for cleansing time and land

Tool for Cleansing Time and Land is a must. We all come from a family line that existed in time and lived on land and because of that you might still be tied to land you lived on a long time ago. This particular kind of defilement not only corrupts time and land but ties you to the defilement on the land. This teaching explores the dynamics of that kind of defilement. It also gives step by step tools for releasing yourself and others from such control. You will find different strategies and tools for cleansing time land that goes beyond what is commonly taught.

excerpt from tools for cleansing time and land

CD1.04 Ties to Land

As a foundation for this I would like to explain my definition of holiness in a simple way. We all know unholiness is violating God’s principles. When God has a standard when God has a rule, unholiness is a violation of that. By extension, I believe holiness constitutes the activation of a principle. This is so different from the obedience I grew up with. Obedience is merely don’t do this, do do that but a principle is a cause an affect relationship.

A principle has implications, has consequences. And the more principles we activate and weave together the greater the force and the power the holiness. Holiness is not the absence of violation but the exquisite weaving together of a ton of principles. Adultery, idolatry and violence defiles the land, many other things but these are the big three. And when you stop and think about all the bad things that happened to you, except the bad thing in an airplane, everything happened on the ground, somewhere. And the complexities with our relationship to the land is enormous. How many times have you had intense emotion or intense temptation that had absolutely no context? So much of the time, those thoughts that have no context, not battles that you fight, are because of your connection with the land.

While on the one hand we feel incredibly victimized as it were the flip side is we have an outstanding amount of power when we cleanse land. One person can set 900 people free from the ties to that one piece of land. The enemy is quite skilled in building layer upon layer to the defilement. The incredible power of the death and the burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ for us to come with the word of our testimony and the blood of the lamb to the place where there has been repeated acts of violence, adultery and idolatry and for one or two people to come to that land and to confess the sin against God that defiled the land and then to release everybody that is currently tied to the land and that is tied to the junk from the past. It is staggering the power of the believers to bring healing to a community by cleansing the land and disconnecting the others.

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