these blessings really work~!

by Able
(Sydney, NSW, Australia)

have cycled through all the blessings in 'blessing your spirit' several times now & can't get enough, but the greatest blessing is when DaddyGod gives me a blessing for someone else, it's such a JOY & PRIVILEGE to be used by Him to bless & speak life to the very core of another persons' being - many times they've commented on how powerfully it spoke to them & was 'just right' for them!

it's quite evident to see the power of simply addressing the spirit directly & speaking the very words of its' Creator to it as I'll often see tears well up in their eyes as I maintain eye contact with them, engaging their spirits .. these days DaddyGod often calls to memory great healing verses for someone just in the course of conversation, and i leap at the opportunity to bless them with it, as I spontaneously unpack the verse to the spirit ... I always thought I needed to 'stick with the script' for these blessings to be most effective, but the same HolySpirit that inspired Arthur to creatively craft these blessings lives in us too, and I've often been amazed after I blessed anothers' spirit with a completely new, fresh blessing - not only has it blessed them but it's blessed me! I have a new favourite hobby - blessing peoples' spirits!! :D thank you Arthur for this incr4edibly life - giving gift!

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