Therese Jansan

by Therese Jansan
(Toowoomba Australia)

I am wondering if anyone has had much to do with dealing with ahs in the brain? what are the markers?
is it simply directing the ahs to leave the brain... asking angels toremove them if they won't.... seems a little easy... seems to me they would be more stubborn & refuse to go???????? or not? the easy way would be good. :)
do you always engage with the ahs?

thank you for any input/insight you may have.
Blessings to you all.

hope it was ok to ask a question....

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another thought
by: Sheila

Hi Therese,
I have listened to the AHS series a couple of times and prayed about some stuck areas in my life from the point of view that AHS' could very well be my problem. I can't say that I experienced the freedom I had hoped for... BUT a resource that has been powerful in my life and I really think affecting the health of my "brain" has been Arthur's you tube series called Surviving but not Thriving. The revelation about alignment and then agreeing with Arthur as he prayed has been the most powerful tool I have found thus far at Sapphire. God bless you.

by: Therese Jansan

Thank you Ladies...
appreciate your replies.
kindest regards,

AHS in brain
by: Julia

Hi Therese
Would love to explore this with you.

by: lois

hi therese, everything you need to know about AHS (well maybe not everything) can be found in the teaching AHS part 2. also 'Doing Deliverance on the Brain' is a hands on teaching. both answer the questions that you have.

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