The unravelling has begun

by Sharon

After listening to the cd and re reading the notes in study one, it is all starting to make sense and not be one big blog.

But I have found lesson 2 very confronting. Mainly because I believe I saw me. And I did not like what I saw. To the fact I was not able to read the prophet blessing when you first posted it Lois, till today. I have had it before God, sorta.

Hard because, I did not like seeing myself in the negatives of the prophet. I have often been made to feel bad because of them, including being hard on myself.

Hard also too because I have been in the church for all these years fully going after God..... and only now am I seeing where I fit in.(Yes, I am forgiving) And yes, I have had a lot of brokenness and other rot in my life. (which would have made it hard) And still walking out of it all.

And maybe there is also too a hint of Joy, rising up. With a FINALLY rising up with the joy.

Thanks Lois for the notes. I have not yet bought the cds. But wow amazing notes and the healing plus they are bringing.

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Aug 06, 2016
by: Sharon

Thankyou for your encouragement Lois.

Even though, the RG has been a big blog to me, that has not stopped God from helping me grow, in ways He could get through to me.

Years ago I had a pastor who was very much an encourager and I asked God to be an encourager as well. And can walk in that too.

The church I am connected to is influence by Bethel church and one of the main things I have come from is that connecting with people is about relationships. And working things out for a win win.

That is just 2 quick examples of what a wonderful God we have. Thankyou Dad

Aug 06, 2016
by: LOIS

the first time i listened to the RG of prophet which was when it first came out, awhile ago now, i had the same reaction, Sharon. very confronting indeed. joy for a long time was at a low (prophet's do have the biggest range of emotions) but i have been intentionally growing in that area for years now. so i do celebrate your joy and pray that it will increase as you come to LOVE the way God made you (i'm talking to myself too here).

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