the teachers day cd -4

This is an overview of the Redemptive Gifts of Individuals, CD 4. This is the Teachers Day.

I bless you, the teacher as you serve the body of Christ, may you celebrate the power and presence of God with that innate hunger for understanding that you have. I bless you with hearing and knowing who you are and what the Father has designed you to do. I bless the way God designed you.

behavioral characteristics

  • The need to validate truth is core to the teacher.
  • Does not receive things immediately. Accuracy is vital.
  • Not easily swayed from truth which keeps the more impulsive gifts in line. Serves as an anchor.
  • Processes and makes decisions slowly.
  • Like to see an end before beginning a process.
  • Prefers doctrine (loves  the Greek and Hebrew) to personal stories when preaching.
  • Prefers the old, well established validated ways.
  • Tends to verify truth with natural wisdom which may lead to pride.
  • Relies heavily on knowledge equating that with intimacy.
  •  Safe person, non judgemental.
  • Has deep commitment to the family and to tradition.
  • Fear and risk can immobilize and keep him from obeying God.
  • Poor at returning borrowed things.
  • Struggles in areas of timeliness. Procrastinates on practical things.
  • Has this wonderful sense of humor.
  • Willing to lay out the whole picture in order for a person to choose the right thing and be reconciled.
  • Tends to be the last one to speak in a group.
  • Will not take the initiative to confront what is wrong leading to tolerance of sin.
  • Practices selective responsibility. Not all areas share the same weight of his responsibility.

teachers in scripture

Ezra, Isaiah, Samuel, Luke, Mary (Jesus' mother) and Levi

sevens in scripture

CREATION- the third day parallels the redemptive gift of teacher

  • Dry land and vegetation-the seed the teacher uses is truth.
  • Designed to produce new life
  • The teacher has the potential to produce fruit that will multiply for generations.


  • Jehovah-Nissi, The Lord our Banner (exodus 17:8-16)
  • For the first time, Moses wrote the script instead of crying out to God in despair.
  • The teacher extends principles from one problem to another, from one person to another.
  • A generational promise made by God to Israel against the Amalekites their predators.


  • The table of showbread or the bread of presence reveal the design and call of the teacher.
  • The teacher is designed for intimacy with Jesus, the bread of life.
  • The teacher may settle for accumulating knowledge and doctrine over intimacy. 


  • The church of Pergamum in Revelation 2:12-17 says, ' You remain true to my name. You did not renounce your faith..'
  • God designed the teacher to be deeply committed to the truth, the Word and its accuracy.
  • Teachers can be too soft on sin and too selective in their responsibility.
  • They have a desire to  know who they are and how they fit.
  • Their craving for legitimacy needs to flow from relationship not their accomplishment or their knowledge.


  • Like the priestly role that marks them, they bring a blessing, especially generationally.
  • Authority to call forth life from seed which is a redemptive death.
  • Highest authority over the predator spirit.


  • Embraces doctrine  instead of intimacy with God thus defrauding the church.
  • Responsibility vs selective responsibility


  • To know God's deep truths and to know him experientially.
  • To reveal the presence of God to others.

questions to explore

Do you have any teachers you admire? What are some of the markers that draw you to them?  If you are the RG of teacher, what draws others to you?

How does the RG of teacher reflect God's heart?

How does this gift advance the kingdom of heaven?

Consider crafting a blessing or prayer for the teacher.

Start a conversation from whatever landed here for you. Go for it!

Do you have something to share about this topic?

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