the story of Mary

by lois

i have taken the time this week to read thru the book of Ezra, parts of Isaiah. vintage teachers. there was quite an outstanding amount of detail throughout and such a passion on their part to make their God known to the people.

i wanted to answer the question: what does this look like on a monday morning? immersing myself in the teachers day this week is helping me celebrate and be impacted by this unique gift from God.

this was so beautifully written, i wanted to include it here. (from: What is my redemptive gift?)

In the Bible, Mary, the mother of Jesus was a teacher. What she was asked to do took an incredible amount of faith, a deep knowledge or belief in the goodness of God, and a willingness to surrender. Maybe none of those characteristics are on the teacher list in a recognizable way, but if you also consider Mary, she was not the following:

She was not a prophet, who announced that God had indeed spoken to her and now she was carrying God's son and He would save the world.

She was not a servant who did what she was told without the need to question or think about it deeply.

She was not an exhorter who boldly announced who God was and what He was about and that she would be was center stage in the process.

She was not a giver, practical and independent, looking for opportunity and building. She didn't start a movement or mother a nation.

She was not a ruler, carrying out a vision to save the world. She didn't organize or gather followers.

Nor was she a mercy, her heart attuned to Jesus and God throughout every moment of the journey, loving the world with her compassion, although I think she is now portrayed that way in some denominations.

Nope, she was a teacher. Why was that perfect?

Because she needed to be solid in her beliefs, so that she might accept the truth when she heard it and be willing to trust God for the rest.

She needed to be able to walk steady in that truth through Joseph's putting her away, the trip to Bethlehem, the early years of Jesus' life, and the ultimate journey He would take. She became a follower. She stood at the foot of the Cross. She came through to the end. Even when the prophet fell away, as Peter did.

Her pondering who He was and watching for all the signs as they appeared, led her to speak the words that released the first miracle. That was a teacher, putting two and two together, from the beginning, recognizing that the time had come: a supernatural revelation if there ever was one. And it was also her putting together a teacher's concern for the family and God's love toward it, that made her ask for a miracle.

And although she may not have understood the symbolism behind all of it, the wedding feast, the bride, the water, the blood, there was something that she did understand by observing and pushing forward that is the hallmark and beauty of a teacher. It might seem dull to put together facts and reach a conclusion and push an idea forward based on past ideas, but seriously, Mary was a little brilliant and spiritual, don't you think?

Mary received hidden manna. She birthed the Word that had dwelled with God so that He could dwell among us. A young Hebrew woman, a teacher, was given that assignment. And she succeeded. I say we ponder that for awhile.

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Aug 22, 2016
on gathering..
by: lois

keep on gathering and enjoy the process of exploring and discovering. you're doing a great job, Denise.

Aug 22, 2016
by: Denise

That is a cool way to look at Mary. Had not seen her in that light before.
I tend to remember "traits" attached to the RG and when I see something in someone, I alway wonder if what they are displaying is gifting, woundedness or environmental.
I did have someone, that was tring to convince me of what gift I was, do the "well, your not" list on me...
I still don't know but I'm gathering more information and insight and for that I am grateful.

Aug 18, 2016
blessings, Terry
by: lois

interesting when we read the Word thru the eyes of the RG. just gives another dimension that otherwise might be missed or the aha moment into someone's weakness. what is free money to one is a hard task for another gift. i have taken that for granted in the past and had not understood.

glad this helped.

Aug 17, 2016
Good Insights
by: Terry

O.K. I will join you in reading some of the teachers in the Bible this week. Good plan. That portion about Mary was insightful. God does strategically use us in his master plan. WOW. Go Mary.

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