the servants day - cd 3

This is an overview of the Redemptive Gifts of Individuals, CD 3. This is the servant's day.

I bless you the servant, for the richness you bring in the way you care for the needs of others in the most practical ways. I come into agreement with who God says you are. May his power flow through you  in a mighty way.

behavioral characteristics

  • Sees external needs and is quick to meet them.
  • Has few enemies.
  • Is a team player.
  • Tends to have a victim spirit, causing them to be exploited by others.
  • Finds it hard to accept excellence in their work, to affirm oneself and accept affirmation from    others.
  • Attracts dishonour, especially in the home.
  • Tends to spoil children, meeting too many needs too often. Can be in denial regarding their children’s shortcomings.
  • Can make up excuses to justify bad behaviour in others. Can become enablers to immature people especially. Need to learn how to empower, not enable.
  • Prefers not to be visible, avoiding the spotlight.
  • Has difficulty saying  ‘no’ resulting in over commitment in scheduling.
  • They tend to over work themselves, even to the detriment of their health.
  • Sees the best in others, extends honor to people.
  • They are ‘porcupine huggers’, loving the unlovely and hard cases.
  • Responds well to the truth.
  • Without guile. Purity of motives.
  • Is straightforward, honest and can be trusted.
  • Has a high loyalty to the family.
  • Can be in a sinful environment without personal defilement.
  • Tends to save stuff.
  • Struggles with issues of shame believing the lie they deserve to be a victim.
  • Wrestles with self-worth, believing they are not worthy.
  • Is competitive in what he/she considers safe areas such as games and children’s sports teams.
  • They desire to empower others to achieve their best. Greatest fulfilment comes in knowing he enables someone else in their work.
  • Drawn to pray for leadership and make them successful.

servants in scripture

Joseph in the New Testament, Barnabus, Simeon, Esther, Timothy, Ananias

sevens in scripture


⦁ Like the air, the servant likes to be invisible.
⦁ the primary function of air and water is cleansing. We can see this in the servant gift more so than any other.


• Jehovah-Rapha, ‘The Lord who heals’. Exodus 15:26
• This refers to preventative disease from coming on the people of Israel.
• Obedience and a desire to submit to the authority of God comes naturally to the servant.
• God rewards this obedience with wholeness


• The bronze laver provided water for the sacrifices and to cleanse the priests.
• This is the value of the servants role in praying for leaders for cleansing and renewal so that they can more freely enter into the presence of God.


JOHN 4:33 Royal Officials Son

The Seven Letters to the Churches In Revelation

• The church if Smyrna in Revelation 2:8-11 says, ‘I know your works, your tribulation and your poverty..’
• We see the picture of the hard work the servant does and God validating them all.
• God entrusts the servant more than any other gift with the highest amount of authority because it is in their heart to use it for kingdom purposes


• To pray for leaders
• To restore families
• To love the hard cases
• Over the death spirit
• Over land and ecology

Seven Last Sayings of Christ on the Cross

• Jesus said to the thief, ‘Today you will be with me in paradise.’ Luke 23:43
• With no dignity and nothing to validate Jesus as he hung on the cross separated from his Father, he still new his identity as the Son of God.
• Servants must come into agreement with who God says they are no matter what the circumstances and walk in that God given authority


• To walk in their high God given authority as life givers, especially to leaders.
• To provide for others the cleansing, authority and protection needed for them to reach their destiny
• The restoration of brokenness in families, land and ecology


• It is against the victim spirit which includes shame and issues of their own self worth.

questions to explore

Do you have any servants you admire? What are some of the markers that draw you to them? (if you are the RG of servant, what draws others to you?)

How does the RG of servant reflect God's heart?

How does this gift advance the kingdom of heaven?

Servants can sometimes have a 'savior mentality.' How might that play out and what might be a way to redeem that faucet of  servant's nature?

A victim spirit is also an indicator of a servant. What do you think causes this? What is a way to gain freedom in this area?

Consider crafting a blessing or prayer for the servant. (or the prophet)

Do you have something to share about this topic?

We would love to hear from you

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