the rulers day - cd 7

This is an overview of the Redemptive Gifts of Individuals, CD 7. This is the Rulers Day.

Ruler, I bless how you see the open door God places before you and use inadequate resources to accomplish extraordinary things. This is how God made you, and it brigs him pleasure when you accomplish that. Your Father is pleased when you do the impossible so that he gets the glory. He is tapping deep into what he placed in you. That is his great joy.

behavioral characteristics

  • Thrives under pressure and puts the people around him under the same pressure. This can be either motivational or abusive.
  • Is skilled at time management. Controls his time and gets the job done.
  • Can be loose on ethics when the end justifies the means.
  • Does not ask “why” questions.
  • Pulls together a group based on loyalty to the mission. Causes the group to own a problem together.
  • Can value loyalty more than competence per se.
  • Can use imperfect people and draw the best out of them without allowing their brokenness to damage the goal of a project or group.
  • Takes a vision and puts together an effective plan. Is an implementer, not a visionary.
  • Is not into blaming himself or others. Wants to figure out how to fix it when something goes wrong.
  • Is an empire-builder. Wants to make anything bigger and better.
  • Doesn’t look to others for solutions. Owns his own problems. Does not look for help.
  • Focuses on the immediate task.
  • Is not easily distracted from a task.
  • Can be task-oriented and fall short in nurturing, shepherding, and correcting what is spiritually wrong.
  • Involved in all kinds of projects. Enjoys diversity.
  • Does not need the affirmation of other people when he has made up his mind.
  • Can do a disproportionate amount of work with the given resources.
  • Struggles with doing things in his own strength versus relying on God’s power and plan.
  • Takes on more tasks than is normally possible to complete in the time that he has.
  • Can struggle with proper focus. Is he doing the thing that God called him to do, or is he just doing things to stay busy?
  • Is willing to be vindicated by God, and not man.
  • Can withstand strong opposition.

rulers in scripture

Noah, Jeroboam , Nehemiah, Boaz, Joseph

sevens in scripture

CREATION- the sixth day parallels the redemptive gift of ruler

  • God made animals, insects and human beings.
  • A huge diversity is seen thru this new form of life.
  • Made to live in dominion over nature.
  • Lead the spirit with God given dominion toward his goals.
  • The rulers call is to the human spirit, to father and nurture people's spirit's.


  • Jehovah-Tsidkenu, 'The Lord our Righteousness'  (Jeremiah 23:5-6)
  • Righteousness is that unswerving adherence to God's standard of what is right.
  • This is the foundation from which dominion and authority will flow


The sixth item in the tabernacle is the ark of the covenant. Three things representing the rulers authority of leading a community are

  1. The law - needs to be submitted
  2. pot of manna- life sustaining provision
  3. Aaron's rod that budded- the sovereign appointment to an office


To the church of Philidelphia in Revelation 3:7-13

  • Righteousness and holiness are the issues on which rulers will rise or fall.
  • God will bless the righteous ruler.
  • God's desire is for rulers to go beyond the natural. The results of partnering with God is disproportionate results compared to their effort.


  • It is finished signifies paying the price for sin which was getting the 'key thing' done.
  • The ruler must finish what God has given him to do.
  • Honoring God is a key component for the ruler.


  • To release spiritual generational blessings to their physical and spiritual seed.
  • Go beyond obedience to honouring God
  • Seek God to know what it is he is called to do.
  • To reclaim dominion over the earth
  • To impart the blessings that bring freedom.


  • Freedom is the fruit of effective weaving together of resources, principles and blessings to move toward your birthright vs substituting your agenda for God's.
  • Walking in a predatory spirit is the demonic stronghold.
  • Use (a situation or person) in an unfair or selfish way.
  • Knowing how to fight and how to build.
  • Freedom comes by accessing a wide range of God's blessings to build his kingdom.


  • Insensitivity
  • Ethics/Integrity
  • Substituting God's agenda with his own.

questions to explore

As you read through the portraits of the redemptive gifts that follow, consider the following questions.

•What motivates your heart?
•Does this gift seem to fit your natural tendency?
•Where do you come alive?
•What leaves you feeling drained?

Most can come up with a list of answers to those questions. There are tasks that we may be capable of doing, but it does not spur us on to want to do more. Report on some of those here.

Craft a blessing for the Ruler Tribe.

Start a conversation from whatever landed here for you.

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