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by Denesia Christine



lose fear


Here at The Open Bench coaching, we've found that fear is the one thing that holds everyone back from LIFE. Fear robs us of everything good and keeps us locked into habits that only make life harder. Fear is the main ingredient in that "dried up soil" that many of us call life.

But JOY is different. JOY helps us overcome. JOY is the life-giving ingredient that we all need and long for. JOY is that sunshine and water that is a necessity for not just surviving, but thriving!

We can help you learn more about JOY, and how to get it! Then we can walk along side you as you step into a joy-filled life you always dreamed of.

I believe whole heartedly in the foundation of joy and the development of skills that come from the relationships in your life and I can teach you what that means and why its important to understand.

The heart that Jesus gave me, and molded me to share is one that cares deeply for people and wants nothing more than to empower them to tap into the source of all joy in a way that is personal and life-giving.

It is my hope that you will trust me enough to let me join you in your journey to discover the heart that Jesus gave you!

Joy and Shalom,

Denesia Christine

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May 19, 2015
online coaching
by: lois

deni is remarkable at making you feel at home in your own skin. using materials by Jim Wilder, I recommend her online coaching for anyone who is looking to build more joy.

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