The Miracle of Community

I bless Sapphire Connection with experiencing God weaving together a community like He did for Naomi.

When she returned to Bethlehem, she had nothing but memories. Even the capacity to dream was gone.

Yet God leveraged a simple thing of Ruth's character and her loyalty to her mother-in-law. Apparently the village gossip spread the word early and often that Ruth was good people because Boaz' foreman already knew that when Boaz came.

From there, God arranged for Ruth to glean in the right field, to start a chain of events that built a community for Naomi far beyond anything should could have dreamed.

May God bless this site in the same way, with many small things leveraging many wonderful blessings of community.

Arthur Burk

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Jul 15, 2014
greetings from sydney
by: lois

hoping this landing pad is big enough to receive this blessing!
thanks, arthur

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