The Midianite Curse

by lois

The fifth of the seven curses that parallels the giver gift is called the Midianite curse.

The identify lie is, "I can provide the resources for other to possess their birthright."

The curse manifests when you cannot

* attain enough assets
* accrue enough assets
* accumulate enough wealth to be able to leverage change

The cause was that you or someone in your family line put comfort or security ahead of fulfilling your stewardship. (Judges 6:1-6)

The devouring is manifested by things, health and relationships breaking in a seasonal manner. At a particular time of the year, things are devoured for no apparent reason, other than the time cycle.

The blessing is also related to time, and that is the freedom to accumulate resources from year to year and from generation to generation, so that there are enough assets to leverage major change.


Almighty God and Heavenly Father, I proclaim that you are the God of time. Time is the first thing which you created on the first day, therefore it is the first-fruits of your creation. And the first-fruits of everything, is dedicate d to you, and thereby it is made holy. So I proclaim, that since I am a child of God, your intent was that I walk in holy time.

It was not your intent that the seasons of my life be devoured, yet I acknowledge that the defilement and the devouring is my fault.

I ask you to open the books to my family line and I reject and renounce the spirit of control in every branch of my family line.

I repudiate the spirit of faithlessness that has kept some of my forefathers from possessing their birthright.

I reject the god of comfort and security and I proclaim that you are able to give tremendous comfort to your people when they possess their birthright. And we confess, reject and renounce the deception from the enemy that it is right for us to postpone rejecting our birthright, until a more convenient time.

Lord, I reject and renounce running ahead of your time and behind your time.
I ask you to cleanse my generational lines of those iniquities.

I ask you Father, to take the Midianite curse from off of my life, my family, my physical and spiritual seed. Nail that curse to the cross of Christ and render it null and void.

And now Father, I proclaim my dependence on you and yet in the same breath we acknowledge that we fear the flesh. I remind you that the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. I want to walk by faith. I want to be dependent on you.

I want to possess my birthright but we have a lifestyle of fear, we have a history of seeking comfort. So just as you did the miracle for Gideon and you sustained him when nobody would sustain him, I ask you to sustain me when I have to pursue my birthright and nobody understands and sustains me.

I proclaim my dependence on you and I ask you to save me not only from the enemy, but from myself.

And now Father, at every place which the enemy used to curse, where you desire to release blessings, let your will be done. I ask that the blessings which you decreed for me will be released in the seasons which you decree.

Father, I ask for Israel, that you will protect them from the evil one and that you will bring them to true spiritual liberty, from all seven of these curses.

I thank you in advance for the sanctifying of time, for me, and for my generations, in Jesus name.

'The Seven Curses and Blessings' is an excellent album that looks in detail at the root causes for the open door which allows the devil to devour so much, in so many different ways. I recommend it highly.

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Jun 23, 2017
by: Anonymous

Prayed from a what is likely a giver neighborhood above San Francisco Castro district after being translated in spirit here in the night watch.The revelatory word given prior was Isaih 9:4 "as in the days of Midian ,I have broken the rod of the opressor",and Isaiah 4 "I will wash the filth off the women and the bloodstains off Yerusalem".

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