the mercys day cd - 8

This is an overview of the Redemptive Gifts of Individuals, CD 8. This is the Mercys Day.

Mercy, I bless you and honor you for your special place as the most complex and most sensitive of the gifts. You are the crown jewel of God's creation. I bless the totally different language that you speak, the language of the heart that is sometimes too deep for logic or for words. You are called to be large spirited. I bless you with authority and dominion in the community of spirit. I bless you in the name of the 7-fold Spirit of the true and living God, Amen.

behavioral characteristics

  • Taps into the heart of God.
  • Gets along with everybody easily. Is admired and respected by most people.
  • Rarely has enemies.
  • Is a safe person for those who are wounded. Can be approached by complete strangers.
  • Craves intimacy of soul and physical touch; vulnerable to physical needs.
  • Tends to be slow to make transitions based on emotional processing.
  • Hears from God but has difficulty explaining the “why.” Operates on subjective and intuitive feelings.
  • Makes decisions based on his/her heart.
  • Can appear indecisive out of a desire not to hurt anyone.
  • Hates to confront. Mostly to keep people from hurting and to protect them from pain.
  • Can become a people-pleaser and enabler. 
  • May attract abuse and exploitation because of his kindness, niceness, and willingness to allow injustice to happen.
  • Prone to stubbornness. Even though they acknowledge what they are doing is not God's will, not always a willingness to change.
  • Anger is generated through loyalty. Can take up an offense for a third party.
  • Drawn to the prophet because opposites attract. The decisiveness of the prophet balances the mercy. Prophets need their softening influence.
  • Doesn't choose sides. That would mean saying one is right, the other wrong.
  • Can easily enter into the presence o God. Has a predisposition to worship.
  • Often times they have not resolved Father issues in their lives.
  • Can often times see pain as bad, fleeing pain and keeping others from God's discipline.

mercys in scripture

Adam, David, Joshua, Ruth and John

sevens in scripture

CREATION- the seventh day parallels the redemptive gift of Mercy.

  • On the first six days we see God busy 'doing', but on the seventh day God was just 'being'.
  • Capable of doing many tasks, their heart is in enjoying God and being in his presence.
  • Sees God's fingerprints in a more complex way than the other gifts.
  • God created nothing new but he celebrated wildly what he created.
  • Mercy is called to celebrate God thru worship and to sanctify time for themselves and others.


  • Jehovah-Shammah, 'The Lord who is present' (Ezekiel 48:35)
  • Mercy's desire to seek God for themselves
  • By design, they bring God's manifest presence to earth.


  • The mercy seat that was placed over the ark of the covenant
  • where the glory of God dwelled
  • Provided a way for a holy God to dwell with an unholy people without consuming them.
  • Can transition from the unclean world to the throne room with greatest ease.
  • Ability to change the climate because they are carriers of the presence of God.


  • The church of Laodicea in Revelation 3:14-22
  • We see the fathering wounds clouding the call of God on the mercy.
  • They must stand up for something somewhere and not move toward comfort in the natural- being neither hot nor cold.
  • Intimacy produces transformation.
  • Our dominion is rooted in intimacy not in authority.


  • To live in dominion over sin and unholiness
  • To release the glory and holiness of God into their environment
  • To dwell in the presence of God at all times
  • To celebrate God in all aspects of their lives


  • Using all of your abilities to do what God designed you to do.
  • The only way to experience fulfilment is to embrace the right problems to solve by discovering who you are, honing your skills in that area and enjoying life whilst solving those problems.


  • Impurity
  • Mixing of holy and unholy
  • Enabling to protect from pain

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