The mercy portion of my spirit

by Sharon

Over the years of my life, I have run from my RG gift of pophet and without even realising it I have focused on building the mercy portion of my spirit.

A good friend of mine, would talk to me about the RG giftings and how she was a mercy and believed I was one too. And that was before doing this study. She has even said to me within the last 2 weeks are you sure you are not a mercy.

I believe one of the reason, i ran was because i believe a prophet, can be blunt. Well, I can anyway, and I always had an opinion, especially as a child and my family did not like it. And so, with running from who i was to please people, I was building up the mercy portion of my spirit. You are so good Dad. What a wonderful heavenly Dad you are.

I am starting to accept who I am more and more and embracing the bluntness, so that I can grow in that area. And one of the things I am really enjoying about being a prophet is the fearlessness. And I understand now why others are not like it. (Yet hehehe )

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Sep 18, 2016
Thanks lois
by: Sharon

I like that, realising the gift and not the person. I can take that on board.
And thanks so much for the encouragement:)

Sep 17, 2016
celebrating you
by: lois

thank you for sharing this. to be honest, i think all of us might cringe at the weaknesses in each gift and shy away from embracing it, especially of we were hurt by someone with that gift. 'i never want to be like that' may be identifying the gift not the person. i am so glad you are embracing your God given design. i celebrate that with you, dear friend.

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