the journey

i appreciate Arthur's candidness in his journey. i so can relate with the slave vs son and his feeling of being betrayed by God when the answer to his heartfelt prayer was 'Yes'.

there was no initiative allowed in my home church, so for yrs i was indoctrinated to others making decisions for me and this suited me just fine. i was a very obedient slave. my life was structured in a very predictable way.

even today, the silences of God can be threatening. the three questions he poses i have used before. i really honed in on the 3rd and appreciated the Father's heart as he is giving me permission to choose based on what i want to do. (i am still trying to figure that out) that debunks the theory that if you like something too much God will probably take it away somewhere down the track. oh so much to unlearn.

These are the questions I learned to ask:
1. Has God spoken?
2. In the silences of God, is there a biblical principle?
3. What is the most ME thing to do?

more to come..

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