the givers day cd - 6

This is an overview of the Redemptive Gifts of Individuals, CD 6. This is the Givers Day.

Giver, I bless your generational worldview, as you focus on preparing the way for others after you. Designed to release generational blessings, you are called to bless and to raise blessing to a higher level. I bless your heart's desire to see people saved and the Kingdom of God expanded as an eternal generational inheritance. I celebrate you and call you to come into alignment with God's plans for your life.

behavioral characteristics

Of all the gifts, the Giver is the most difficult to peg by behavioral characteristics. They cannot be pigeonholed because of their diversity, adaptability and flexibility. (think chameleon)

  • Have a generational worldview.
  • Is focused on trying to prepare the way for his family and others after him.
  • Is nurturing. They create a family environment to foster relationships.
  • Very independent by nature. Can stand alone. Doesn't readily  look to other people for help, sometimes not even to God.
  • Although they have a heart for evangelism, they tend not to do it personally. Rather, they tend to empower others to do that work.
  • They are hard to be conned, manipulated, or guilt-tripped into action. They tend to feel manipulated when others withhold information from him.
  • Is able to relate to a wide range of people.
  • They are natural networkers, bringing people together and persuading them to take action.
  • Gives well and wisely, never impulsively (unlike the prophet).
  • Finds favor in terms of money as resources flow to them remarkably.
  • May tend to see money as a source of security.
  • Tends to be frugal with family members, which can cause friction.
  • Live more in the present and future and tends not to learn from the past.
  • Likes to keep all options open. They hesitate to embrace absolutes.
  • Can birth, nurture, and protect new things and new ideas. New things arise and grow at a greater pace than other gifts.
  • Peacemaker, with the ability to work with others having conflicting theologies and views which provides a place of safety.
  • Struggles with gratitude.
  • Faith seems harder to the giver as they tend to avoid risk due to self reliance rather than relying on God's resources.

givers in scripture

Abraham, Jacob, Job, Matthew

sevens in scripture

CREATION- the fifth day parallels the redemptive gift of giver

  • God created the birds and fish, a great diversity and vastness of this gift.
  • On this day the life in the blood came into the world.
  • The first time God spoke a blessing.
  • Called to reinstate the lost art of blessing.
  • We see the widespread of interests and involvement in many things
  • Concerned about the preservation and quality of life as well as being prepared for old age.
  • We see an immense birthing anointing and capacity to nurture new things.


  • Jehovah Ra-ah 'The Lord is my Shepherd' (Psalm 23)
  • This is a picture of how God provides the giver with provision, security and nurture in which to enjoy his provision. It is a sequence.
  • Givers need to overcome fear, finding comfort and security which God provides in his presence, instead of looking to their own resources and strength.
  • Blessings are then designed to flow through a friendship between them and God.


  • The fifth item in the tabernacle is the altar of incense bringing together worship and intercession in a single act.
  • This is a central part of the givers DNA but must flow not from religious observances but from relationship.


  • The church of Sardis in Revelation 3:1-6 mentions the religious and right things givers do, but sadly not always with a heart that pursues their God.
  • Givers are rarely overtly evil, however they cab craft a reputation without substance


  • To detect to protect and to bring forth new birth and to nurture it.
  • The authority to bless generationally.
  • The authority to affirm God's design.


  • Fulfilling someone else's agenda with someone else's resources.
  • Their call is to be a good steward over all they are given so that the generations to come are blessed by their actions.


  • Independence
  • Hypocrisy
  • Strongholds of fear and control

questions to explore

As you read through the portraits of the redemptive gifts that follow, consider the following questions.

•What motivates your heart?
•Does this gift seem to fit your natural tendency?
•Where do you come alive?
•What leaves you feeling drained?

Most can come up with a list of answers to those questions. There are tasks that we may be capable of doing, but it does not spur us on to want to do more. For a gift of prophet, the repetitive, structured, maintaining nature of being an accountant would be exhausting. For a servant, being in the spotlight, would be uncomfortable, maybe even nerve wracking.

Start a conversation from whatever landed here for you.

Remember this is a process, so it takes many of us some time to discover our gift. But the journey is great fun as we discover our God given design.

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