The Giver......Ahhhhhh

by Sharon

There is a part of me that is saying, when I grow up I want to be a giver. Yes, i know that is not biblical sound, and yes I am thankful (becoming anyway) for the way and who i was created to be.

Of the gifts so far, this one to me sounds amazing (when they have matured from the floors of the giver) which I find interesting me saying. No, I am not a giver, but i like a lot of the positives in this RG gift. And so look forward to the giver part of my spirit being more mature. I just re-read through the prophet and yep, that is me, I am not the giver.

I know I am not a giver because I can be conned, manipulated and guilt tripped into action....But the giver naturally does not let people sway them. So I really love this part of the giver. But with saying that, my Dad is helping me to grow up and stand for what i know needs to happen. That has actually just brought some healing, realising that it does not come natural to me to stand my to speak. Yes, i can be very hard on myself.

I also too love the generational worldview.... thinking about leaving a legacy for others to walk in, creating a nurturing environment, birthing, nurturing and protecting new things and ideas and being a peacemaker......ahhhhhhh

As I am reading through this study, I wonder if one of my daughters is a giver. But as she walked away from the Lord at 12, (like her mother) and took on a lot of the ways of the world and add into that brokenness and wounderness, I just wonder. I believe she was created for a generational worldview and preparing the way for others. And with pondering on me hope for her.

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Aug 31, 2016
by: Sharon

Thank you Denise for your prays for my daughter.

I found it interesting what you had to say. It has helped me to see the gift in others in my life. Before reading what you had to say, I was finding it hard to pin point it in others.

Thanks for sharing:)

Aug 29, 2016
"When I grow up..." Me too!
by: Denise

Giver has ALWAYS seemed like one that would be safe for me to claim (not that I claim any yet). I think it is because of, like you said, all the positive characteristics. I can see why givers are hard to peg because they have "good" traits that parallel some of the other gifts.

I think my mom is giver - some traits in another study added that givers are not extravagant spenders on themselves. Like not a lot of jewelry or fancy "wasteful" material items... If that is true, I might be disqualified as a giver since I like "bling" :-) (though it's mostly hand made and not expensive but there is a lot of it). You would think by the way my parents live and appear that they are on the poor side... But they don't believe in card balances and will pay cash for big items (or pay the card off when the bill comes)... there must be ample money in the bank... but they would never mention it if there is or isn't. They are both very humble and they both give, without anyone knowing, all the time.

I'll pray into the hope you have for your daughter, I'm sure Father already has a plan in motion to bring her full circle back to Him so she can walk in the amazing design He created her to be.

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