The Canaanite Curse

(The Seven Curses and Blessings)

The fourth of the seven curses that parallels the exhorter gift is called the Canaanite Curse.

Canaan's sin was in seeing his father naked. Instead of covering Noah up, he persuaded his brothers to lower the standard as well. Genesis 9:18-27

This curse causes a person to be so overworked by the demands others put on them that the time for their own developing is just not there.

The identity lie is 'I am legitimate when people want and need to be around me.'

The curse manifests when:

* you are regularly exploited by all kinds of leaders.

* because of the exploitive boss, you don’t have ability to develop the God given abilities which are placed within you.

* you are so busy putting out fires, so busy serving someone else, that you cannot develop the call of God in your own life.

The original cause for this curse was:

* somebody used their influence to induce other people to do wrong, frequently in the area of moral impurity.


Almighty God and Heavenly Father,

I proclaim that you are the source of life and you are the source of authority and that in you, life and authority meet.

I proclaim that you walk in absolute authority and yet it is the most utterly life giving authority that the universe has ever known.

Father, I acknowledge that we have not been able to walk in life giving authority.

I ask you now to open the books of my life and the books of my forefathers.
I reject and renounce that legitimacy can be established through popularity.

I confess that I have sometimes believed that and some of my forefathers have lived that.

I reject that lie.

I reject and renounce the spirit of denial which refuses to recognise the reproofs of life.

I reject and renounce shifting the consequences for our bad choices to those who are under us.

I reject and renounce the perversion of invoking love, loyalty or submission in order to force somebody under us to pay the price for our sin.

I reject and renounce the deception of our walking in supposed love, loyalty and submission to pay the price for somebody else’s sin.

I reject and renounce the spirit of entitlement.

I proclaim that true sowing is necessary and there is a proper crop which comes from every seed which is sown.

I reject and renounce embracing visions which require exploitation of the people of God and I reject and renounce legitimising those visions, in the name of God.

Father, I reject and renounce using popularity to normalise iniquity, especially in the area of moral impurity.

I reject and renounce my/our sin and that of my forefathers of lowering your holy standards.

And Father, I reject and renounce the sin of staying in an abusive situation to the point where we have not been able to possess our own birthright.

I acknowledge that it was sin for Israel to be comfortable in the mountains and to not exterminate the Canaanites and I proclaim that it is sin to stay in a place we are not supposed to be for the sake of peace, if it keeps us from possessing our birthright.

I ask you to bring this cleansing forward through every generation and every branch or our family line and to cleanse us from this iniquity and form the Canaanite curse.

I receive that cleansing and in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I command every demonic structure and entity that was empowered by those sins and iniquities, to leave now and never return.

I extend this cleansing and this freedom to my physical and spiritual seed to a thousand generations and to my spouse.

I ask, Father God, that you will give me your strategy and your timing and your methods to finish exterminating the Canaanite pressures from my life.

Teach me how to disengage, if I need to, from certain organisations.

Teach me how, to move into a place where I have the time and permission to nurture the gifts which you have given us.

And I ask you father, to not only teach me, but to supernaturally aid me. You not only gave strategy, but you did miracles and I claim the same measure of victory that Israel had, that every single Canaanite soldier was killed, including the general.

I ask, that you will exterminate every vestige of the Canaanite curse from me, my/family line, and my ministry and I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.


The Seven Curses and Blessings is an excellent album that looks in detail at the root causes for the open door which allows the devil to devour so much, in so many different ways. I recommend it highly.

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Aug 25, 2016
by: Gayle

So Deborah who judged Israel was involved in breaking the Canaanite curse. As was Jael. As well as Barack. The Canaanite's were evil. And God fought for his people. Anyone have any thoughts on this.

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