The Bridges of Chara

by Denesia Christine Huttula
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Understand your brain with this simple, magical story!

Understand your brain with this simple, magical story!

Do you long for a life that feels even and smooth? Do you get tired of the rollercoaster of emotions that you or your loved ones seem to be on? Do you have children that seem to struggle constantly with negative emotions? Do you wonder why some people seem to have an easier time at finding joy and peace?

In The Bridges of Chara- an allegory of your brain’s emotional landscape, life coach Denesia Huttula presents a story that will open your eyes to truths about your brain and emotions that will change you from the inside out.

As you read, you will: Be transported into an imaginary land that will help you grasp emotions like never before. Escape the confusion of emotional outbursts by understanding what the brain needs to process feelings effectively, both big and small. Recognize the places in your life where you’ve had joy, and the places where you longed for joy, and take hold of a new roadmap for a joy-filled life.

Overcome the struggle of feeling stuck in negative emotions as you identify with Eden and consider new ideas for allowing the Holy Spirit to assist you with them. Gain new understanding for your relationships as you examine this model of the brain’s design for joy.

“While reading this allegory on Spirit and science I immediately thought of homes where conflict is high and joy is low, where communication is failing but a story would be heard. Complex truth is easily absorbed in a captivating story even by those who are not always ready to listen. Deni has used her experience with these low joy places to write a story that crosses bridges and builds bridges where there were none. On top of that, this is great reading for high joy people as well. Instead of being dragged through the deep waters we soar in hope and understanding of how the brain and spirit work inside and in relationships.” ~Dr. James Wilder PhD Author and creator of The Life Model.

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