The Ammonite Curse

The seventh of the curses that parallels the mercy gift is called the Ammonite curse.

The identify lie is, 'I am legitimate when I have earned God's or people's favour through self sacrifice.'

The manifestation of the curse is that you are being confined to mediocrity in a group setting.

The root cause is that at sometime you, or your ancestors, tried to buy God’s favor.

The devouring is seen in your loosing the capital necessary to make money. There is an axiom in the business world that it takes money to make money and so when you loose your capital, you are relegated to earning money, instead of making money.

The blessing when this curse is broken is that God partners with you to help you possess your birthright.

Judges 11:1-13 and 11:29-12:7


Almighty God and Heavenly Father,

I/We rejoice in being able to call you Father. I/We come to you, not only as the righteous judge of the universe, but as my/our loving Father.

Father, I/we have been deceived and we have acted wrongly out of our deception.
Father, I/we reject and renounce the lie, that we need to, or that we could, earn your favour or your love.

I/We reject and renounce the focus on human favour.
I/We reject and renounce every incident in our family line where somebody chose to embrace human perspective instead of your perspective.

I/We reject every human stigma and freeze-framing which is contrary to you view of us.

I/We reject and renounce the cultural pressure that calls me/us to not excel lest I/we cause others to look bad.

I/We reject and renounce the cowardice of failing to speak up about things which are evil lest we of fend those around me/us.

Father, I/we reject and renounce the extreme iniquity of valuing the favour of men more than possessing my/our birthright.

I/We ask you to forgive us of these iniquities.

I/We ask you to cover those things with your blood in every branch or my/our family line.

I/We ask you to bring that cleaning forward from the beginning of time, to the present, to my/our physical and spiritual seed to a thousand generations.

I/We command every devouring spirit which has been empowered by those curses to leave now in the name of Jesus, to go to outer darkness and to never return, to us, or to our spiritual seed or our physical seed.

Now Father, I/we proclaim the truth: the issue is for us to learn to love you, not for us to purchase your love.

I/We ask you to anoint our eyes with the ointment from Revelations 3:18 so I/we can see your love in the daily events of our lives.
Father, I/we ask that every act of service what I/we do, will reveal more of your love for us.

I/We ask that as I/we see your love, you will cause love for you to well up within me/us.

Father, create a fire within me/us to possess my/our birthright.

I/We know in part, we see in part. There is so much you want to show me/us that I/we am/are unable to receive.

Enlarge my/our spirit Father; enlarge my/o ur capacity to receive the passion of heaven and infill that space with the passion which Jesus had.

Father, I/we ask that you will release the blessings which are natural, when the Ammonite curse is broken and those blessings, by the principle of compensation, for those pains in my/our lives which came from your hand.

We ask Father, for a supernatural work in me/us, in the culture around me/us, even in the world around me/us, to position my/us as you did Jephthah, to possess my/our birthright.

I/We proclaim there is nothing too hard for you. There is no area of brokenness which you cannot redeem.

And so I/we wait in expectation for yo u to work in me/us, through me/us and around me/us so that I/we can possess our birthright, so that rivers of living water will flow from me/us to the world around me/us.

I/We ask you Heavenly Father, to fill every place the enemy has vacated.

I/We ask you to seal the work which ha s been done under these prayers.

I/We ask you to sever every tie to every unclean thing in the present or the past which will hold me/us back from experiencing your best.

I/We ask you Lord Jesus to enforce every righteous decree. You are our King and I/we claim protection because you love me/us, not because I/we deserve it.

I/We proclaim your love, I/we celebrate your love, I/we desire to live your love.

I/We ask these things in Jesus Christ’s might name.


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Sep 15, 2016
Good reminder
by: Rosemary

Thank you! I needed this reminder today!

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