the RGI study group  

Are you looking for a place to grow? To be encouraged? A focused group to study and explore more of your design? If you answered yes to any of these questions, The RGI study group may be the place for you.

Some of us learn best in a group setting. We may feel incapable of getting anything done alone behind a desk. If you have ever had a successful classroom environment, then you will know it takes a mix of great resources and interaction with people to keep everyone motivated and achieving good outcomes. Interaction is something I wanted to explore.

Here is yet another opportunity to support and encourage one another whilst being in the trenches of life, whatever that may look like for you. I have been so blessed to hear so many stories from Among the Gum Trees, of God at work through the most diverse of ways. I want to high five, hug, laugh, cry and celebrate this wild and whacky tribe and welcome you here.

   the RGI study group; the plan 

The plan of the RGI study group is to focus on one of Arthur Burk's teaching albums by listening to one CD a week. We will then apply, field test and come together to share our findings with the group. I will be posting an overview of the material, and a few prompts, to help us focus and for a start-up each week right here on this site.

Some answers to your questions: there is no place to actually sign up, it is not time zone sensitive, there is no cost (however you can support the ongoing work here by donation), it IS interactive and you can show up in your pajamas as there is no webcam involved.

On Monday, you will see the first post. It will be a link on this page that says, the teaching we will be studying; Redemptive Gifts of Individuals CD 1. You just click on that link to share your comments and insights. 

If you prefer, you can listen to all of CD 1 before Monday and then comment, or you can listen to different tracks during the week and share as you go. We can certainly tweak things along the way and yes, I do appreciate your questions and feedback.

Please do introduce yourself here, by using the invitation on this page, 'do you have something to share about this topic?' Enter your title in an 'introducing yourself' kind of fashion. Please do the same to share your personal testimony at any time. You will see what others have shared by scrolling down this page.

It would be wonderful to commit from start to finish, but that is not always possible. You are free to come and go, but I am hoping also for some steady anchored people to run with it.

If you are looking for more defined ways of getting involved, please let me know. (e.g. I am interested in writing an overview for one of the CD's with questions)

Finally, do pray with me, blessing this place and each other with eyes to see what we haven’t before. Many people tell me, ‘I still don’t know my Redemptive Gift.’ May each process unfold in a timely way. The outcome is always a treasure, but may we embrace the journey of unpacking. May there be much celebration and release of joy along the way.









Do you have something to share about this topic?

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