structures cd-3

What kind of structures work when we are out of the familiar structures of the institutional church? How do I build? What do I do when the sincerity of the church is not enough?

Structures enable us to be transformational in the culture, yet they can be the eternal enemy of nimbleness. There is an eternal tension between the cost and benefit of structures. Every structure brings with it a cost to build and maintain while limiting your ability to be nimble.


Let’s begin with a profile of different ways God is positioning sons in the kingdom to build.

category one


• Here there is no structure, no brand no visible rank or role
• No budget, organizational name, no platform
• Has voluntary followers
• When there is no high profile, hard to take out
• Word of mouth keeps you busier than you can be
• This is the backbone of the army, sergeants who can hear from God and execute his plan, a priceless treasure to behold

category two

Special Forces

• Very hidden individuals with no bragging rights (you and God know what you’ve accomplished)
• Extremely well developed skill set used in intense places (psychic fairs)
• You and God hacking fire walls, penetrating places of darkness
• Nimbleness is everything

category three

A Virus

• Through your day job, you are bringing the life of God to bear on an organization who don’t want it there
• You are there because God sent you there
• You are paid to sabotage their system
• Your job can be proactive (Daniel, Joseph) or reactive (Nehemiah, Esther)
• Willing to home a skill set, being the beat you can be in the context of injustice

three more categories


• Have visible structures, visible name, fixed overhead, credibility factor with a tension between nimble and high impact
• Faces the challenge to create a structure that consumes less energy than it creates

Hybrid Business

• The cutting edge of this new season; for-profit business with product for sale
• Objective is to do ministry without pay
• Live with the tension of transformation vs scalability

Entire Eco-system

• Incorporates spirit, soul and body, the whole package together
• Huge undertaking

Structure is valuable for many things and destructive for many things. In the Ruler Season, it was mandatory. Ministry has to start without structure. It starts with a passion, a fire in your belly. It starts with knowing your design and from that place you start small.

The objective is to be transformational, bringing people into voluntary submission to the King without being a slave to your structure.

questions for discussion

I am always reminded, 'sons create, slaves obey'. In this context there is no right or wrong. One is not better than the other. The real question is where do I fit in? Is this a freeing thought or not?

Would you like to share where you are on the continuum and how you got there?

Do you have any questions that the group may help you answer about this topic?

Please feel free to discuss whatever lands for you.

Do you have something to share about this topic?

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