standing with you

sometimes it is hard to see what is going on when you are in a hard place. sometimes life sidelines you and what just happened you didn't see coming. and for the life of you, you're wondering just how am i to get through this?

here are some snippets to keep us going. can you relate to any?

be encouraged..

no wasted pain~
David, surprised by joy when he was seen by God after years of being ignored by leaders around him.

finding a way forward~
Naomi experienced the joy of making progress in life after a long season of futility.

messing up or being messed over~
Jonah tasted the joy of being used by God in a powerful way in spite of a monumental bad choice on his part.

heart transplant needed~
Gomer, whose joy of a transplant enabled her to receive the love extended to her.

gotten crushed~
Gideon experienced the joy of a decisive victory in the place of a former devastating defeat.

being misunderstood and not recognized~
Samuel, fully recognized as a wonderful fit for the office he held.

closure from a traumatic past~
Noah’s joy as he came to an end of a very difficult season of judgment.

Intense calling~
Phinehas experienced the joy of God accepting his passion and calling it good.

hostile workplace~
Jacob found true love, in an alien country and he also through repeated miracles, experienced the provision of God, in spite of a very unjust environment to work in.

i bless you whether you have the fierceness of Phineas in wanting to honor God, or the patience of Noah following orders and waiting for a very long time. I bless you with being surprised by joy and not giving up on the hope that is sure to come. we are called to rise and i bless you with the rising up of defiant faith in the midst of adversity. rising up for yourself and for others, knowing God is faithful. messing up or having been messed with, i bless you. trying to find your way forward, i bless you. living in a hostile environment, i bless you. together there is a rising up and together there is a place to stand. i bless you in Jesus name.

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Apr 27, 2018
just stand
by: Anonymous

and who can forget Job. when he thought he was walking in obedience, blessings and favour he gets sidelined with no explanation. the season he thought he was in suddenly changed colour and shape and all he could was sit and wait
and wait..

sometimes its a timing thing, a bigger picture thing,
like the rainbow that just appeared outside my window, there's no explanation here and now when we want it,
it just is.

Apr 27, 2018
we rise
by: Anonymous

yes, yes. we can learn from so many of those whose stories we tell and we each have our own, to own and validate. the good, bad and the ugly. all redeemable. all for his glory, we continually rise out of the ash heap and see what once was is being transformed somehow, some way.

he who bears the weight of suffering will bear the weight of glory ~

thank you!

Apr 30, 2018
no wasted pain
by: Sheila

Interesting - not specifically recognizing any of the mentioned hard spots, yet my spirit reacted deeply to this post, sensing the hand of God healing. How awesome that God knew what I needed even though I did not!

Apr 30, 2018
yes, Sheila
by: LOIS

your comment gives me the feeling of how much God is up to always in our lives, even when we don't have the language for what he is doing. so glad it resonated with you.

i am so thankful for that spirit led walk, where perhaps as you mentioned, nothing we can see is meant for us here but our spirit knows something we don't and says, 'let's camp here awhile.' and always so glad i did.

thasnk for sharing that.

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