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Mar 19, 2019

added treasure

Spirit, your Father has left behind for you a blessing. Sometimes when we look back all we can see bombarding us is a toxic waste dump. Sometimes we feel

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Mar 17, 2019


Come with us as we explore Skill, the next in our series of Fractal of Two: Adrenals and Kidneys.

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Mar 15, 2019

Living From The Heart Blessings

Be blessed as you move forward in Living from the Heart Jesus gave you.

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Mar 11, 2019

Freedom Flowers Effortless emotional healing for people and pets We are a small flower essence company that works directly with individuals,

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Mar 10, 2019

real life

Come with us as we explore Real Life, the next in our series of Fractal of Two: Adrenal and Kidneys.

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Mar 06, 2019


yes, i have been there and done that. i am thankful God knows my heart and works with me to always bring the best outcome to even my worst mess ups. some

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Mar 04, 2019

Liz Sprowson Kuwait.

You need to know that you are the only personal contact I have had with Sapphire Leadership grp so this is a sad day for me. Where will you be going?

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