Special Forces. (SWAT)

by Jena Manos
(Panorama city, california )

I always thought that when I "grew up" spiritually that I would begin spending hours in a prayer closet but the Lord has shown me that I am more like a sniper.

My assignments are usually urgent and short term.

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Dec 12, 2016
Praying without ceasing, prayer closet or otherwise
by: Jan

I notice that I constantly pray nearly without ceasing. One of my favorite verse phrases, "Pray without ceasing," became a habit during an especially trying time in which I experienced gossip and the emotional fallout from that time.

I found my prayers turning towards forgiveness and praying for the people who had wronged me. My prayers were constant because I was so very upset.

The prayers began to calm me down and help me to focus less on myself and my fear or hurt pride. I then looked at the Christ and what he had suffered during his time on earth as a human, realizing surely I could overcome some verbal thorny barbs aimed in my direction.

Thank you for your post about your share when you were thinking that you might enter a "prayer closet." The shares of others trigger similarities of varied experience.

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