sons and daughters

by lois

and when i swim i sense his pleasure

and when i swim i sense his pleasure

this should have been so obvious, but while i was doing laps in the ocean pool just recently it hit me.

it reminded me of Eric Liddell in the movie Chariots of Fire and what he said.

'I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast. And when I run I feel His pleasure.'

that was it. he hit the nail on the head.

and when i swim i sense his pleasure (and no, he didn't make me fast). i so sense the Father enjoying my joy and THIS puts me in the office of sonship.

and you know that giving language to that pleasure, his enjoying me enjoying my joy creates such an indelible bond. a savoring sweet spot to go back to time and time again.

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Apr 29, 2017
by: Denise

I am in AWE of how the Father creates and then manifest the joy in His Sons and Daughters. Thank you for languaging that and sharing it with us.
You are a true treasure!

Jun 04, 2017
by: Sharon

Yes thank you for sharing.

I often think of you swimming in the ocean, with a smile on my face. I guess that makes us sisterships:]

Jun 05, 2017
by: lois

sisterships, i like that, Sharon. and from one treasure to another, thank YOU Denise.

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