Slowing Down to Gaze

by Joan Westaway

Remembering a poem of childhood "We have no time to stand and stare..."

It was almost a sin to waste time staring... gazing... and 'looking' was so part of my design!

Ridiculed! Scolded! Sort of packed it up as a No-no to be buried!

But these days as I have been unpacking the real me, this old friend of 'gazing' has crept out to have fun! What a joy it is to see God's fingerprints as I gaze at the bits of green and parsley in my struggling garden after I've finished breakfast!

About a month ago, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a few leaves being scratched up... a scrub turkey! In spite of the fact he had overnight scratched a huge mound and would threaten all my back yard soon, I marvelled at his persistent design! Good ending (for me) as he somehow decided my garden was not his!

Then yesterday, just idly gazing, enjoying watching the grass green a bit more after another shower, I saw a bird on my fence! Same shape as a Kookaburra, half the size, and such a glorious blue, with white collar! He was sitting there like a kingfisher... gazing too!

They watch for their dinner so patiently! I stayed so still inside trying to get a pic with my phone! Then he moved to where he was so clear! I hit the video button! What a treasure of a few seconds was captured!

I hadn't seen one of these dainty kingfishers here for so many years! Memories flooded back!

These times of being in the right place at the right time for another hug from God! Like the hug from Jesus as Mary chose to slow down and sit with him.

So I am rejoicing that I have times these days to just sit, gaze and be amazed, stand and stare, be there, to soak up all that time I've been blessed with, and enjoy what God wants to show me!

To be 'unhurried'!

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