Session 100

by John Dalton

Using AB material we have started an online deliverance ministry.
100 sessions on, still zero failures amongst the 20 plus who received ministry.
God bless you A B.

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online ministry
by: lois

thanks for sharing, john. would like to hear more about your ministry. have you considered advertising in the directory? much to celebrate.

Cleansing the Family Tree - Thoughts
by: John Dalton

This book which started Arthur upon his AHS track can be Analysed by the Red Letter method.
Those familiar with Red Letter gospels know that the Words of Jesus, are so highlighted. When we highlight the Interceptions of Process by the Almighty, we have a much shorter book. It is not improbable that the Lord 'winked at' McCall's limited methodology in order that the Red Letter portions of the work would gain publicity.
The portion where hundreds, or even thousands of Holocaust Victims are released from the Earth is worthy of note.
The Lord has granted us favour, and permitted us to transact for dozens and even hundreds, without holding a similar Church Service

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