relentless generational blessings

One of the finest gifts you can give to your children is the powerful force of relentless generational blessings pursuing them. This book describes how you can appropriate the blessings already in your family line, then widen and deepen the stream of blessings so your children have more to draw from than you did.

Unfortunately, we rarely see that level of impact. Why is God's powerful tool so ineffective in our generation?

There are at least three reasons. One is that too often our generational curses neutralize the power of the blessings. Second, we usually don't know how to access the blessings that are there. Third, we try to access them for selfish purposes, rather than for Kingdom purposes.

This book develops the theology of generational blessings. Arthur explores what a generational blessing is, how it is accrued and how it is accessed. More important, though, is the role of these blessings in empowering us to possess our birthright.

The second half of the book looks to the future. There are things you can do in your generation to widen and deepen the stream of generational blessings for your children and grandchildren, so they have more to draw from than you did.

excerpt from relentless generational blessings

My definition of generational blessings is God bestowing tangible benefits on a person or group as the result of a righteous act done by someone in a prior generation.

While scoundrels in our family line may cause God to delay or divert generational blessings, the  more pressing issue is to determine what causes him to release them.

God's reasons for releasing a measure of stored blessings in a given generation are quite complex, but I have observed that at least one of his criteria is the flow of world history. God released blessings to Eliakim so he could strategically influence Israel in a time of crisis. In addition to shaping Israel's future, his work contributed to the downfall of the Assyrian Empire. God drastically changed the balance of power in the entire region due to the blessings bestowed on one man.

On the flip side, God made a huge deposit into Abraham's trust fund of blessings, but told him his family could not make withdrawals for over 400 years because God first had certain international issues to deal with.

World affairs affected the timing of God's release of massive blessings to Eliakim. World affairs also affected his restricting the flow of blessings to Abraham's seed for hundreds of years.

Although the next chapter discusses human initiative in appropriating the blessings, we must remember that God is the God of the entire universe and he deals with us in the context of his plan for the ages, even though we may not be able to see beyond our small corner of the world.

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