by Sharon

It was interesting in listening to Arthur talk about in the first cd how the prophet and the servant looked so alike on the surface, but what makes them click is so different. And now reading through your notes Lois, wow, what makes them click is so different.

I had some not so not so nice things chucked at me in my building block days of a child, and thus took on the victim spirit. I can see many of my wounded ways in the servant spirit. Meaning, I was acting like a servant but only out of my wounderness.

Walking out of the victim spirit is quite interesting. For starters, at times, I am not sure even how I should be acting, especially when my family still treat me as the victim. So glad, I have the Holy Spirit. He gives me so much encouragement, guidance and wisdom. So glad I am not the glory and lifters of my head. I also too have an amazing friend who I have walked with over the last 10 years or so, who gets me and encourages me to the max.

But going through this study, I have realise that I am most properly walking in a saviour mentality, which I believe is stealing my joy.

Thank you Jesus for dying on the cross, connecting me back to my Heavenly Dad, and also too having the guidance of the Holy Spirit and You, Jesus, as my friend. Because it is because of you all that I am saved from myself and mess, and get help to walk out of it, and serve you.

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Aug 13, 2016
on reflecting
by: lois

i have posted two articles

Overcoming the Victim Spirit - a message of hope

The Savior Mentality and Land

they can be found in the added bonuses on the servants day. they are so valuable and hoping when you get some time you can pour over the insights found here.

it is a process to walk free and each step we take is one toward dominion.

i am so thankful for your friend who has steadily walked with you.

thank you for yor encouraging comments, Sharon.

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