the redemptive gifts of individuals cd 1

The most difficult transition in the body of Christ to make is from God’s order to God’s new order.       Rich Marshall

As we come together, may we embrace each new thing God wants to reveal to us through his word and ‘to see You and to come to know You and to fulfil Your great desire; *to reconcile us to the Father.’

May God bless each person that He selects to participate with a deeper revelation of who He has designed them to be. May nothing hinder those He calls from engaging and growing as the weeks progress. May God use the teaching, insights of others, fellowship and emerging community to reveal more of His greatness as we dive into this together.

The sevens in scripture parallel the seven redemptive gifts. There are over 50-100 identifiable lists of sevens.These include:

  • the seven days of creation
  • the seven items in the tabernacle
  • the seven last words of Christ on the cross
  • the seven letters in Revelation

We will talk more about these lists in this series.

the biblical foundations for the redemptive gifts

Romans 12:6-8

The first list of sevens is referred to as the redemptive gifts. Each of us has different measures of all seven of the gifts operating in our lives. One of the seven gifts defines our spirit, soul and our personality. This is the lens through which we will see all of life and comprises our behaviour.

They are in order- Prophet, Servant, Teacher, Exhorter, Giver, Ruler and Mercy.

1 Corinthians 12:7-11

The second list is referred to as the manifestation gifts. They are the work or impartation of the Holy Spirit. We can have any number of these operating at any particular time. We are to seek any we would like, though there is no guarantee we will blessed any specific one that we request.

Ephesians 4:11-13

The third list is a list of ‘offices’ which is for the maturing of the Church. The five-fold offices of Pastor, Prophet, Teacher, Evangelist and Apostle.

There has been considerable confusion in the Body over the Redemptive Gift, Manifestation Gift and Office of Prophet and there are some useful examples given, which show the differences. This CD has some useful theological content. For those so inclined, explore the two scriptures mentioned: John 5:36-37 & John 10:25-38 which elicited quite a bit of discussion. The two witnesses of Jesus, being the Father and works is worth digging into.

Have you considered how some truth comes by observation, for instance 'behavioural sciences?'  Does all truth have to have a specific scripture to hand? How much of the Word is yet to be understood? Arthur emphasises that he comes from an Evangelical Bible based framework. He mentions that he uses some different hermeneutical frameworks including analogies, types and shadows. Arthur broadens our perspective by challenging paradigms as he goes.

developmental influences that colour the gift

  • Birth order- There are distinct imprints on a child’s personality depending on where they are in the birth order. It multiplies the effects of certain gifts.
  • Parenting-  Each parent’s gifting will impact how they see the world and how they raise their children.
  • Woundedness- can change our perception of ourselves and God

behavioural characteristics

These are externals that mark each one of the gifts; personality traits, making a person easy to spot by their behaviour. ( e.g. mooooo..ok, I got this. I think I spot a cow!)

There is a diagnostic type behavioural questioning which helps us identify the gift; are you quiet or verbal expressive? People or task oriented?

After this we can go to the sevens in scripture and explain how God made you and what he intends you to do. (that’s the fun part)

reasons to study the redemptive gifts

  • in building leadership teams- in terms of staffing purposes
  • marriage relationships- knowing your gifts prepares you better and helps you along the way
  • parenting- your gift will leave a significant imprint on your child
  • contributions to the body- help serve people in a way that most effectively benefits the body
  • insight into battlefields- there are particular battlefields we need to win in order to possess our birth right.

*This is a not a small thing, being reconciled to the Father. Have you explored this concept before? We hear much in the Body of Christ regarding Jesus and his role, as well as the Holy Spirit, which is both good and right. But are we just as focused on being reconciled with Abba Father God in this generation that is very much 'unfathered'?

questions to explore

In what ways do these Redemptive Gifts challenge your current paradigms?

Please comment on any reason YOU may want to study the RG’s.

Can you give an example from your personality as a marker for your redemptive gift? Is it the weaknesses or the strengths? If it is the strengths, are those things presently readily seen or something you wish were visible?

(thank you, Jane Tenant, for your additional insights and feedback on this page)

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