For this track on Redemption, we go to one of the classic verses in our Christian faith found in 2 Chronicles 16:9.

For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.

Now, if you are listening to this CD set, the probability is that you are on a long journey engaging in it with fierce intentionality. Against that backdrop, we need to reframe the whole battle, the issue of our whole lives not just our adrenals and kidneys around the issue of redemption. 

It is very easy for us to feel less than when it comes to the area of achievement. If there is any brokenness in our lives, unfinished business, choices we made in the past make us less than we wish we were. Those things pursue us even if we have accomplished other things. There’s that knowledge that says, ‘If only I had not made this choice where would I be today?’

Yet the above verse captures the essence of what matters to God. It is heart, not achievement , a healing of the attitude not so much a restoration of the kudos we would have gotten from society.

For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth, seeking, searching, looking to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him. That essentially captures the essence of covenant.

God is looking for people who have a comprehension of covenant more than people who comply with all the terms of the covenant. This essentially is the battle for the left kidney adrenal in that our framing of problems around the covenant and a covenant that is based on the nature of God and not the nature of man. This becomes the touchstone of every choice we make, perspective have, every relationship we develop, every experience we walk towards or away from.

Where is God’s covenant? Where are God’s promises? Where is his essence, his nature expressed in the context of covenant?

The enemy’s perversion of covenant is a focus on our compliance or noncompliance. There are no differing degrees of compliance. It is immense, far-reaching, grandiose, extraordinary and we all fail abysmally to comply with its terms yet the covenant is still operational because of the nature of God not the nature of man who is in covenant. 

Religion afflicts us with compliance and relationship refines us with understanding the heart of God.

a blessing for redemption

I bless you spirit, soul and body. I bless the whole of your being with a greater capacity to hear and understand the heart of God. I bless you to know the heart of the covenant, not the letter of the law which kills. I bless you with such a view of the grandeur of the covenant, the essence of the God who is the God of covenant that you can embrace new opportunities, you can spread your arms wide to the things you would never touch if it were based on compliance.

I bless you with having the eyes to see the present world around you through the eyes of the covenant rooted in the essence of God, not your imperfections because it is about a covenant of redemption, a covenant when the nature of God is bigger than any failure you ever brought to the table. 

I bless you with framing life through covenant so that you attract the gaze of the Lord upon you and he delights in strengthening your heart, your spirit, your adrenal and kidneys, every part of your being because you know the God of covenant not the covenant of God.

questions to explore

Having listened to this track on Redemption, what are your thoughts and emotions that bubble up? How do you relate to what is being described?

Where are you on this continuum? Are you caught up in a cycle of 'IF ONLY?' Are you cycling on a wheel of compliance that religion afflicts us with? Or a spacious place of enjoying the God of Covenant? Can you share your past progress or present plan?


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